Canon's new VR cat video is ridiculously cute

Two kittens and a Canon camera
(Image credit: Canon USA)

Day to day life can get hectic, but the internet's best remedy for the stress of adulting is, of course, cats. With this in mind, Canon has created a custom "meow-ditation" video, showcasing its user-friendly VR creator kit with the help of some rather adorable furry friends. 

The 180° VR video is available to watch on your smartphone, or for the full experience, the zen session is available on Canon's Meta Quest channel. With almost seven whole minutes of uninterrupted kitty induced calm, it's the perfect piece of midday mindfulness. If you're looking to get fully immersed, check out our collection of the best VR headsets, for all your cat video needs. 

Kitten eating yoghurt

Some fluffy stars needed a bit of extra encouragement (Image credit: Canon USA)

The ad is a collaboration between Canon USA and cat photographer Andrew Marttila, assisted by VR content creators Hugh Hou and Keeley Turner. The team used a combination of static, dolly, and slider shots to create an all immersive kitten clubhouse experience using an EOS R5 C alongside an RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens, available in Canon's VR content creator kit

So what exactly is "meow-ditation"? Well, Canon's video is a sensory snuggle of purrs and playfulness, accompanied by a soothing guided mediation. While the video encourages complete relaxation, the narrator warns us not to dose off, as "this isn't the time for a catnap". Don't knock it until you try it. Supposedly "calming mediation is like catnip for your soul". 

Whilst some of the kittens needed some purrsuasion with a little help from catnip and treats, we're impressed by the star quality of these cute critters. All the cats featured in the video are from the Orphan Kitten Club and may be available for adoption very soon, so you can snag your very own superstar.

If you're looking for more VR based fun, check out our collection of the best VR apps that'll keep you entertained. And why keep all the fun to yourself? Take a look at Tesla's new Cybertruck cat tray if you're looking for some enrichment for your furry friend.

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