Premiere Pro's new tools are exactly what AI should be used for

Adobe Max is all about its Firefly expansion this year, with almost every announcement related to new AI functionality in Creative Cloud apps. And Premiere Pro is one of the apps that's been given the AI treatment. I have to say, in this instance the feature set looks extremely valuable to video editors – with the focus purely being on time saving through its new text-based editing tool.

In the demo given at Max, we saw how Premiere Pro will auto transcribe your post into what is akin to a text document. You can search, with words, through that document and let the AI pick find the relevant parts of the video, then use them as you want. Let's look at a couple of use cases (and check out all the Adobe Max 2023 announcements right here).

01. Search by keyword

Premiere Pro AI feature shown at MAX

(Image credit: Future)

We were shown how you can search by keyword within the auto transcription, and the AI will find all the times in the video that topic is mentioned, allowing you to choose which parts to use. Adobe used an interview to demo this feature, using the keyword 'mother' to find all the times the artist talked about being a mother. At your command, AI will then stitch those sections together – before allowing you to manually add transitions in any way you want to if you want the cut to be smoother.

02. Filler Word Detection

Part of the text-based editor is the Filler Word Detection. You don't need to manually find all those 'ums' and 'ers' to physically delete them from your footage, as you can now use the Filler Word Detection tool to find them amongst the text. With a click of the button, they'll be gone from the interview. This is a smart use of AI.

03. Enhance speech

There was excitement in the theatre at Max for this feature, which allows you to remove background noise and enhance speech at the click of a button. You can also play around with the mix to allow you the perfect balance of speech and, in this case, wind. 

I'd be surprised if any video editor objected to these AI tools as they're designed to genuinely save you time without impeding on creativity. How AI will further expand into video creation is another matter, with the buzz being that text to video is on the cards – but we'll cross that minefield when we come to it.

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