MPB offers an easy way to sell your used camera gear

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If you’ve ever used a major reselling site, you’re all too familiar with the hoops you jump through before seeing the fruits of your labour — if you ever do. 

Whether it’s hidden fees or the need to essentially become a marketing manager for listings to be seen, reselling online can feel like a part-time job at best. At worst, it doesn’t even pay off.

That’s why MPB is the go-to platform for selling used photo and video gear, from cameras to lenses and accessories. MPB’s product specialists ensure absolute trust and reliability — and give you more time for the things you love.

No fees, no guesswork

Man holding camera

(Image credit: MPB)

If you’re familiar with MPB, you already know about this huge perk. There are no hidden fees, and the process is risk-free for sellers. Plus, the average payout to sellers is an impressive $900.

Unlike other sites, MPB offers free instant quotes. Just enter the name of the product you’re selling and estimate its condition, and MPB will provide a fair price using its dynamic pricing engine.

MPB even offers free, insured pickup, so you can rest easy knowing your gear is in good hands. Once received, MPB’s experts assess the gear and adjust the price quoted accordingly. They may even offer more if your gear is in better condition than expected.

In the unlikely circumstance that you’re unhappy with the evaluation, MPB offers free return shipping. 

Marketeer no more

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Here’s where MPB really takes things up a notch. In the early days of reselling, you could get away with less effort. Slightly grainy, poorly lit listing pictures were passable, and you didn’t have to worry much about fighting for attention.

Nowadays, it’s a fierce market whether you’re selling collectibles, clothing or cameras — some even treat reselling as a full-time career! 

If that’s not your speed, you’ll be glad to know MPB completely removes the responsibility on you as the seller to market your prices. 

Once MPB has processed your gear, the money lands in your account and it’s no longer your responsibility. That means they handle photography, product listings and promotion. 

Throw in your accessories and add-ons

If you’ve accumulated a collection of accessories and extra gear, we’ve got news for you — MPB will happily take these off your hands! 

No more worrying about bundling items together when reselling. Simply create an instant quote for all the equipment you want to send and MPB will gladly take it off your hands. 

It’s a great way to round up your profits, especially if you’re looking to trade in for an upgrade at MPB. 

Whether you’ve got a closet full of used gear you need to shift or are working toward upgrading your setup, MPB is here to help. Visit the MPB website to start buying and selling the best camera equipment.

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