Quickly learn Corel Painter 2022's brushes

Learn Corel Painter 2022
(Image credit: Isis Sousa)

If you're new to digital art, then read on: Here you'll learn Corel Painter 2022's brushes, and how to use them. So if you’re just starting out, what are the best Painter brushes to use and for what purpose? 

In this workshop we’ll follow the classic creative maxim “less is more” and put together a group of five essential brushes that can meet your artistic requirements in a variety of creative scenarios, ranging from producing early sketches, to paintings and polished illustrations. 

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Isis Sousa
Writer and artist

Isis Sousa is an art director at Dog Creative Group, a Corel Painter Master Elite, a Xencelabs Artist and indie filmmaker. She also teaches and speaks at CG events. The past few years she has worked in games and films, as well as the software and technology industries. She has diverse experience, creating art for music and book publishers as well as traditional games and education.