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Be a part of the future of filmmaking with virtual production

Man using a PC and laptop to record music
(Image credit: HP)

Virtual production is quite possibly the most exciting thing to happen to filmmaking since the advent of CGI, allowing visionary directors and video editors to seamlessly combine computer-generated content with real-life footage. It can turn even the smallest of physical sets into huge alien landscapes and allows filmmakers, actors, set designers, prop makers, and more to all work collaboratively on a project from multiple locations across the globe. 

The results have been incredible, and the good news is that with the Z by HP range of workstations, along with cutting-edge software such as Unity, Unreal Engine, and Maya, you’ll have all the tools you need to unleash your creativity.

The evolution of virtual production has been breathtaking, with huge studios taking advantage of it, with Disney’s The Mandalorian being one of the most famous examples of what is possible with virtual production.

Even more blockbuster releases will be using virtual production to create their worlds, including upcoming The Batman and Thor: Love and Thunder.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has also highlighted how useful virtual production can be. Instead of having large sets full of people, or filming in different locations, and requiring lots of travelling, virtual production lets you have small, enclosed and secure sets, while protecting the health of the crew.

Thanks to the increasing power - and affordability - of workstations, it also allows filmmakers to work from home.

Image of a HP workstation

(Image credit: HP)

Create brave new worlds with the HP Z8

As virtual production combines real-world footage with computer-generated images, you’ll need a powerful machine to handle these complex, and graphically intensive, tasks, and the HP Z8, the world’s most powerful workstation, is more than up to the task. 

Packing the latest NVIDIA RTX A6000 series graphics, processors with up to 56 cores, and an incredible 3TB of high-speed memory, the HP Z8 can help you meet even the tightest of deadlines by enabling you to create, edit and render raw 6K and 8K footage, all while providing smooth playback to preview your work and colour-correcting and compositing on the fly. 

Image of HP laptop

(Image credit: HP)

Enjoy limitless creativity with the HP ZBook Fury G8

If you don’t want to be constrained to your desk and are after something more portable, then the HP ZBook Fury G8 is the perfect mobile workstation for virtual production. Packing desktop-worthy power into a sleek and slim design, this is a laptop that enables you to create stunning computer-generated designs no matter where you are in the world. 

With support for NVIDIA RTX A5000 laptop or AMD Radeon Pro graphics, Intel Core and Xeon processors, and up to 128GB RAM, and either a 15.6-inch or 17.3-inch Pantone-validated 120Hz screen, your creative projects will look better than ever before.

These tools will put you at the forefront of the virtual production revolution. To learn more about virtual production, and to get inspired, subscribe to Z by HP’s Rightbrainers podcast