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New Currys rebrand is bold and fun (but is it enough?)

UK technology retailer Currys PC World has been going through a bit of an identity crisis of late. Consisting of four brands, the portfolio was looking a little confusing. But a new rebrand has come along to simplify things – while injecting some much-needed fun into the new "masterbrand".

So, Currys PC World (which also includes Carphone Warehouse and Team Knowhow) is now simply Currys – and it has a fresh new logo and brand identity. While hardly one of the best logos of all time, it's certainly a step in the right direction for a brand that was starting to look a little dull.

Currys logo

The new logo (right) is much cleaner (Image credit: Currys/Future owns)

Along with the PC World suffix, gone is the overly-decorative lens-flare planet thing. Instead, we have a clean, purple circle, with a slightly adapted version of the original typeface. Those subtle grooves within the text immediately add a hint of cartoonish character (branding agency FutureBrand was keen to give the brand the sense of being a "smart cookie").

Elsewhere, the new identity is filled with pastel colours, designed to portray a "bright and optimistic new world", and, inspired by the new logo, lots of circular imagery "reflects the organic lines of modern technology". If you're someone who thinks graphic design is over-reliant on circles right now, you might want to look away.

Currys rebrand

The new identity is all about pastel colours and circles (Image credit: FutureBrand)

Overall, we'd say the rebrand is a success. Consolidating the brands is a smart move, and the new look is much simpler and clearer. And it's definitely more fun – we're big fans of those pastel colours and the subtle injection of character into the logo.

That said, when it comes to fun rebrands, we've been spoiled lately. The best of the bunch is still Burger King's sizzling rebrand from earlier this year, and while Currys' is certainly an improvement, we can't help but wish it was a little bolder and brighter. If you're inspired to embark on a branding project of your own, check out today's best Adobe Creative Cloud deals below. 

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