Behold, the hideous prehistoric iPhone 13 mod nobody asked for

A close up of the Tyrannophone by Caviar.
(Image credit: Caviar)

With Christmas around the corner, it's likely that you're on the hunt for some unique gifts for your loved ones. Well, if you have $9K to spare and a family member with an interest in dinosaurs, we might have found you the perfect present (actually, don't get your hopes up).

We love a well-designed technology mod, but we're sorry to tell you that this isn't one. Just months after the release of the latest iPhone, Caviar has created a prehistoric-themed iPhone 13 Pro mod. With a 3D titanium engraving of a T-rex, these exclusive cases feature an 80 million-year-old fragment of a T-rex tooth. The, let's say, garish design, is one of seven – so all you budding palaeontologists out there better move fast. If you haven't got your hands on the latest iPhone yet, then check out Apple Black Friday Deals. 

The Tyrannophone by Caviar.

Would anyone actually buy this? (Image credit: Caviar)

The modded iPhone 13 Pro has been called the Tyrannophone, and uses gold, amber, titanium and T-Rex fossil in the model. According to the Caviar website, the dinosaur's eye is made of fossilised Amber, whereas one of the teeth is made from an actual T-Rex tooth. Caviar says that the phone will "give you the opportunity to tame this ancient monster and make it a symbol of your strength, power, and dominance in the world." All that for just $9K? Total bargain.

From the ugly engraving to the blinding gold stripes on the case, it's safe to say we are not keen on this design. The mod feels a little too pretentious for our liking, and we definitely aren't fans of the $9K price tag either.  We just can't wrap our heads around the fact that someone might buy this. 

Caviar has created a range of unique phone mods over the years, including the utterly bizarre iPhone 12 mod based on the first-ever Apple computer. The elusive company has also modded games consoles, like the $2M PlayStation that's plated in 20kg of solid gold. As much as we like a good mod, we can't help but ask if these are actually necessary –we can't even get our hands on standard consoles because of the chip shortage, let alone limited edition ones made of gold. 

The Caviar modded iPhone 12 PlayStation 5.

(Image credit: Caviar/Future)

If you have plenty of money lying around and you aren't quite sure what to do with it, then perhaps you should have a look into Caviar's daring designs. But if you're hoping to save up your cash, then make sure you have a look at our best Apple deals or check out some iPhone 13 deals below.

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