This Apple car concept looks way better than Tesla's Cybertruck

A close up of the 3D render of the Apple Car.
(Image credit: Vanarama)

Fasten your seatbelts, Apple fans, here’s a potential first look at the rumoured Apple car. We know the vehicle has been speculated about for a while, but we seriously didn’t expect it to look this good. 

A fan has created a 3D render of the rumoured Apple car based on a number of published Apple patents of the car. The Apple-branded electric car has supposedly been in the works since 2014 under the code name ‘Project Titan’. The internet isn’t keen on the potential design but we love it, although, we may have noticed some similarities to Elon Musk’s infamous Cybertruck. Wanting a bite of the Apple but can’t wait for the car?

Apple entering the electric car space would be a game-changer, and force traditional car manufactures and even Tesla to think differently. For example, take a look at the Mini branded Pokémon electric car that points to a gamification of car design.

A 3D render of the Apple Car.

We love futuristic render of the rumoured Apple Car. (Image credit: Vanarama)

The interactive 3D model was created and posted online by Vanarama, a vehicle leasing company, and allows Apple fans to take a 360-degree tour around and inside the vehicle. The speculated car takes on an SUV form with a sleek white exterior, and Apple logo embellishments on the wheels, bumper and grill. The interior of the car is unsurprisingly equipped with an Apple operating system which expands across the length of the dashboard. We think the interior of the car is super cool, with its spaceship-feel design and rotating seats. 

The internet isn’t keen on the potential design but we love it, although, we may have noticed some similarities to Elon Musk’s infamous Cybertruck. As much as we like this design, we can’t help but feel like this vehicle looks almost a bit too similar to Tesla’s Cybertruck. From its angular edges and simplistic exterior, down to its single strip headlights and all-in-one bonnet/windshield design, the cars are arguably uncanny. However, we definitely prefer the Apple car with its futuristic design and silky finish, unlike the Cybertruck that looks more like a military vehicle. 

A comparison between the Apple Car render and Tesla's Cybertruck.

The design looks very similar.  (Image credit: Vanarama/Tesla/Future)

Of course, the news of a potential Apple car has spread far and fast, and people have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts on the car. One Twitter user asked, “What in the 1968 is going on here?” and another simply tweeted, “Ugly.” While the internet might not be a huge fan of the potential car, we think it’s quirky, but also very aesthetically pleasing. 

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We still have no idea if the Apple car will ever be released into the wild, or if it will remain as a concept for users to ponder over for a very long time, but after nearly 30 Apple vehicles were registered to California’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) in 2018, it looks as though an Apple vehicle might be in the works. Either way, this render is incredibly well designed and got us excited for an Apple car (if it ever is made). If you are feeling inspired by this 3D render and want to have a go at designing your own, then check out our roundup of the best laptops for 3D modelling. Or if you fancy getting your hands on some Apple products, then have a look at our best Apple deals.  

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