Unleash your creativity anywhere with the HP ZBook Create

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If your creative workflow requires a workstation that can handle intensive, high compute, tasks, such as 3D modelling and rendering, high-definition video effects and video editing, or even creating and viewing content in a virtual reality environment, then you may have resigned yourself to having to use a big, bulky desktop PC to work. But think again, thanks to the HP ZBook Create – the world’s smallest 15-inch laptop for creators.

Thanks to the thin, light, and powerful HP ZBook Create, you can leave your desk behind and unleash your creativity anywhere. After all, no matter how nice your office or studio is, there’s nothing quite like choosing where you work.

The new HP ZBook Create lets you achieve this by not only being impressively thin and light, allowing you to take it almost anywhere you go, but it’s also incredibly powerful as well.

That means for any creative professional that needs to do some heavy-duty rendering, creating, or editing, the HP ZBook Create is the perfect mobile workstation for you.

(Image credit: HP)

Measuring just 13.9 x 9.2 x 0.7 inches, and with a weight of 4.23lbs, the HP ZBook Create is an incredibly thin and light laptop that is easy and comfortable to carry around. Ultra-thin bezels surround its 15-inch, 4K display, which means you get plenty of workspace without sacrificing portability.

But don’t think just because it’s thin and light it’s also fragile. In fact, the aluminium exterior keeps the laptop protected without adding bulk, and with five times the abrasion resistance of standard laptop materials, it’s also resilient to scratches as well. All HP ZBooks are designed to undergo military standard testing as well, to ensure that they are as robust and dependable as possible.

(Image credit: HP)

Creatives need machines that aren’t just portable, however. They need to be powerful as well, and thanks to the latest mobile tech from Intel and Nvidia, plus bags of RAM and super-fast SSD storage, the HP ZBook Create is the perfect creative workstation.

Packing the latest mobile Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards, the HP ZBook Create is ideal for creatives who need plenty of power when it comes to creating, editing, and rendering high-resolution videos, graphics and animation.

And, if your daily workflow involves creating highly-detailed 3D models, then the ZBook Create’s powerful Nvidia RTX graphics card can handle those demands with ease, allowing you to be even more productive.

Combined with a cutting-edge Intel Core i9 processor and up to 32GB of RAM, the HP ZBook Create is a brilliant multi-tasking machine that lets you complete your work faster than ever.

(Image credit: HP)

HP is able to fit these powerful components into a thin and light body thanks to its innovative Vaporforce Thermals, which allows the hardware to keep cool while working to the max. 

A vapor chamber vaporises liquid and allows the heat generated by the GPU and CPU to be distributed throughout the chamber, for highly optimised cooling. Meanwhile, incredibly thin liquid-crystal polymer fans and three-sided venting, controls airflow throughout the laptop, so hot air is expelled and cool air brought in.

There are also software innovations that cleverly detect what you’re using the HP ZBook Create for. If there’s a task or app which needs a certain component, power is distributed accordingly, which results in maximum performance while also being power efficient. Not only does better power efficiency keep the laptop cool, it also means battery life lasts longer as well.

Speaking of battery life, the HP ZBook Create offers up to 14 hours on a single charge, meaning you can keep on creating without having to find a power outlet. It also has a revamped standby system, with no sleep mode or off mode, which means you can open up and get working on the HP ZBook Create the instant inspiration strikes, rather than having to wait for the laptop to boot up.

These days, the modern creative workflow involves working with resolutions that used to be unimaginable. Forget about standard definition, or even 1080p high definition – these days many modern creatives, such as photographers, animators, and video editors, are working with ultra high definition footage with 4K and even 8K resolutions.

To handle those demanding pixel counts, you need a screen that can do it justice, and the HP ZBook Create has you covered with its 4K IPS display that offers a billion on screen colours, along with 100% DCI-P3 coverage (essential for video editors in particular) and HDR (High Dynamic Range).

You also need hardware that’s capable of handling such high resolutions, which is where the ZBook Create’s powerful RTX graphics card comes in. Your 4K (and 8K) projects will never look so good.

(Image credit: HP)

Sometimes known as (n)K resolution, the imminent need for infinite pixels requires a platform that can handle beyond even 8K resolutions for ever more photorealistic content. It’s an incredibly exciting prospect, and  HP Creative Producer Tito Hamze delves into it in great depth in HP’s original Rightbrainers podcast.

All this power available instantly, no matter where you are, means with the HP ZBook Create you can unleash your creativity anywhere and can help power your breakthrough and reach new creative heights.

HP ZBook Create
Unleash your creativity with this amazingly powerful mobile workstation that sets a new standard for serious creators. Thin, light, and powerful, with Nvidia RTX graphics this is a laptop that offers performance a pro deserves.

HP ZBook Create
Unleash your creativity with this amazingly powerful mobile workstation that sets a new standard for serious creators. Thin, light, and powerful, with Nvidia RTX graphics this is a laptop that offers performance a pro deserves.

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