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Unleash your imagination with the MSI Creator range

Man sitting on steps holding a laptop
(Image credit: MSI)

As all creatives know, inspiration can strike at any moment, so when you’re looking for a laptop to work on, you’ll want something that’s thin, light and portable, while also providing plenty of power. 

With MSI’s new Creator range, which combines stunning aesthetics with cutting-edge performance to help you truly achieve your creative ambitions, you don’t have to worry that buying a powerful laptop will mean having to put up with a heavy and bulky device.

Jordy Vandeput is a filmmaker and YouTuber who co-hosts, one of the biggest YouTube channels about filmmaking and video editing with 2.25 million subscribers, explains how MSI’s Creator series has revolutionized his workflow. “MSI is my go-to workstation laptop, because of its performance,” he explains. “Whenever I'm away and I know that I might need to edit videos or do some VFX, I feel more comfortable bringing the MSI Creator with me.” 

MSI laptop

(Image credit: MSI)

Ideal for creative pros

The MSI Creator Z16’s aesthetic design combines performance and beauty, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It means you can work almost anywhere in the world, with a long-lasting battery life that will keep you going without the need to be plugged in.

As Vandeput points out, though, the perfect creative laptop isn’t just about being thin and light, but it needs to offer unrivalled performance to help power your products. “Specs were my main concern. I have other laptops which are super thin and light, but I can only use them for emailing and some office work. When I'm on the road with my camera, I need something with power.”

Powering your workflow through cutting-edge mobile components means your thoughts, your artwork and your creations can be made, edited and rendered quickly and easily. There’s no waiting around for apps to load or changes to be made. Creatives need responsive tools that allow them to work seamlessly - any delay, which Jordy Vandeput calls ‘lag’, can help break your concentration.

“Having the freedom without lag while creating is amazing,” he says, "I think this speeds up my creative process and makes it more fun. I can focus on the creative part, rather than the computer hardware.”

Screen dreams

If your laptop’s screen is your canvas, then you’re going to love the Creator Z16, which offers a high-resolution 16:10 aspect ratio screen. 

Jesus Ramirez, a Photoshop tutor whose YouTube channel Photoshop Training Channel (PTC) has 1.47 million subscribers, explains the possibilities. “The Creator Z16 has a screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio which allows you to see more of the application. You can have more tools and panels on screen than you can with 16:9 laptops.”

The touchscreen also allows you to interact with the laptop and your creations is a far more natural way, knocking down barriers between the creator and their creations. “With the new touch screen on the Creator Z16,” Ramirez observes, “the zooming and panning of a document in Photoshop is faster and more intuitive.”

Meanwhile, the MSI Creator 17 is the first laptop in the world for creators that comes with a stunning Mini LED display, offering incredible brightness and contrast.

When working on a project, creatives need their work to look their very best, so when audiences and clients see the finished product, they’ll be blown away. With a powerful graphics card for rendering footage, the Creator 17 is perfect for video editors looking for a laptop to work on their next masterpiece.

MSI Creator laptops

(Image credit: MSI)

Powering creativity wherever you are

Finally, the MSI Creator M16 is the creative laptop for everyone, offering you a powerful device that won’t do permanent damage to your wallet. Its affordable price tag doesn’t mean you’re getting a low-powered laptop, either.

With a ‘golden ratio’ 16:10 True Pixel display, 11th generation Intel processors and Nvidia RTX 30 series graphics, the MSI Creator M16 can boost your creativity, while looking absolutely stunning to boot.

As content creator Nate Heck, host of the nine-time Emmy winning program Artrageous, explains, “screen size matters. Always. I am able to have even more screen real estate with the extra 16:10 aspect ratio. When you are editing with layers of video and audio this is game-changing.”

Offering enough power to seamlessly apply and preview complex video effects in an instant, the MSI Creator M16 shows how these laptops are empowering creatives.

It’s no surprise, then, that the MSI Creator series has been embraced by creatives like Nate Heck and influencers like Jordy Vandeput and Jesus Ramirez, who have picked these astounding laptops to join them on their creative journeys. To find your perfect MSI Creator laptop, visit the MSI website and get inspired.