These are the weirdest NFTs of 2022

NFTs have been everywhere this year, with the controversial digital art in production by everyone from big brands and video game companies to artists and popstars. Whatever you think of the art form, it can be worth serious money – and it comes in many different styles. 

But it's fair to say that some styles are more out there than others, and there have been some properly strange pieces. Here, we round up the weirdest NFTs of 2022, which are mind-boggling in concept, style and purpose. Still confused as to what we're on about? See our what are NFTs article that explains what it's all about. Then prepare to be confused by the following examples. 

Madonna: Mother of Creation

A 3D render of Madonna for an NFT

(Image credit: Beeple, Mother of Nature, 2021)

Wait. Did Madonna just give birth to a tree? This series of creations came about when Madonna and Beeple combined talents. One of the world's biggest creative successes and the OG big-bucks NFT master should have spelled a recipe for success. But the final result was more strange than successful.

The series of rendered digital videos are titled Mother of Nature, Mother of Evolution, and Mother of Technology, and each one is wildly graphic in nature (pun intended). Madonna gives birth to a tree, has butterflies escape from her vagina and sees a mechanical centipede scurry away from her lady garden. Of course, the resounding question is, why?

 “I wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity," says Madonna. Sure. 

Actually, the project was for charity, so we shouldn't be too critical. Weird though, huh?

The NFT phone

Promotional image for the Vertu Metavertu phone

(Image credit: Vertu)

Not a NFT, per se, but a wild NFT-related concept nonetheless. Introducing: The Metavertu phone. Described as the world's first Web3 phone, this, erm, beauty can run its own blockchain node, meaning users can turn images and videos into NFTs on the handset. It can then be used as a 'validator' on the Ethereum blockchain. So far, so reasonable. 

However, nothing bargained for the other spec options. Made out of sapphire glass and with a ceramic frame as standard, the top spec model (which also comes encased in Himalaya Alligator leather and encrusted with diamonds, fyi) will set you back a spectacular $41,500 / £35,660. Don't worry though, there's a basic model that will see you part with a mere $3,600 / £3,093. So that's something.

Mark Zuckerberg

NFT showing young Mark Zuckerberg's baseball little league card

(Image credit: Meta/Future owns)

Meta has had a weird year. Its handling of Instagram's functionality went down like a lead balloon, and there have been VR PR disasters abound (at least Mark Zuckerberg has legs now). But one of the most bizarre moments was the release of this NFT, which features Zuckerberg... as a child. Seriously, no-one asked for this.

Conceived as part of a series of NFT collectibles that Insta users can share on the platform (we can't see this taking off), the weirdest NFT card is a reproduction of Zuk's little league baseball card. Gross.

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