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Grab your FREE Monday wallpaper by Jamie Smart

Happy Monday everyone! Have a heavy weekend? If so, let us help put a smile on your face with this week's awesome freebie.

Once again, we've teamed up with another lovely designer to bring you this free wallpaper for your iPhone, iPad and desktop.

Jamie Smart

Jamie Smart

Jamie Smart

Jamie Smart is a British comic artist and writer, most famous for his 10-issue comic series, Bear.

Over the past ten years, he's worked for clients including The Dandy, The Sunday Times, The DFC, The Cartoon Network and the BBC, and character-designed for Disney.

Smart created this illustration while working on his webcomic Corporate Skull, which is all about the skills of voilence, alcoholism and profanity in the workplace. He also runs his own personal website Fumboo, where you can see all of his latest works.

Smart on his illustration..."This was one of the early concept pieces for my sometimes rude but rather enjoyable webcomic Corporate Skull. It is intended as a call to arms, a motivation to stop procrastinating and start being productive, even if that 'productive' means riding a monster waving a spear."

To download this cool wallpaper, simply follow the links below:

Download for iPhone (640 x 960)

Download for iPad (1536 x 2048)

Download for desktop (1920 x 1080)

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