Style icons swap logos with iconic brands

This logo swapping project from Jenna Giles sees the fashion world turned upside down.

fashion logo swap

What works for one brand may not work for another

Whilst designers can utilise the guidelines from a guide to logo design or choose to follow logo design trends, some designers just like to break the rules and play around with iconic brands to create some logo design inspiration for themselves. This project from RoundPeg's Jenna Giles sees the fashion world turned upside down.

"The brands I chose couldn't be further from each other in terms of style," she explains. "This is probably the only time you'll ever see a Chanel/Fisher Price mash-up, but that's really the point. What works for one type of product doesn’t necessarily make sense for another.

"All the small details and choices you make when creating a new logo matter, so be thorough and make sure you're selling to the right audience." We couldn't agree more. Take a look at the swaps below and let us know which you think works better!

fashion logo swap

fashion logo swap

fashion logo swap

Find out more about the project over on the RoundPeg website.

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