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How to price logo design services

When it comes to talking about money, logo design is one of the most contentious areas of graphic design. After all, how much work can it possibly take to design a logo? How can it cost companies millions to commission logo designers, when a straightforward tick seems to work well enough for the likes of Nike?

Understandably, this sort of attitude can push graphic designers over the edge. Designing a great logo is, of course, much harder than it might appear to the untrained eye. 

But how do you tell your client that creating a logo takes a fair bit of time and money? Pricing yourself is a common problem – especially when you're just starting out. Luckily brand strategist and Blind founder Chris Do is here to help creatives secure themselves the best deal.

Recorded as part of a Money Talk workshop, this video sees Chris explain how to pitch your logo design services. Running at half an hour, this in-depth video tackles the vagueness of logo design pricing with the help of real-world examples, as well as providing some useful tactics creatives can use in the future. Check out the full talk below.

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