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Frazer Churchill on rising from dogsbody to VFX supervisor

If you ever doubted that starting as a runner could lead to better things, then meet Frazer Churchill. In the business for 17 years, he started out doing just that - "delivering film cans, getting pizzas for people and generally being a dogsbody".

In this exclusive video interview Churchill tells us how he rose from there into doing movie effects, the most recent being for The World's End, the third in Simon Pegg's 'Cornetto Trilogy' of genre parodies.

The interview took place at Zed, HP's popup workspace for creatives in London's Soho, where Churchill gave a talk in the film industry about creating the effects on the World's End. He was impressed with the temporary venue and the way it was bringing to young professionals in the industry together. "Events like this are great because it's hard for people to get access to practioners," he says. "We're all very busy. And so it's good that people can come along and talk to people who are actually working in the business and find out what really happens."

Watch the interview to find out more about Churchill's career path and the challenges of combining physical and digital movie effects, while you can learn more about his work on The World's End here.

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