The 20 best business card designs

best business card designs
(Image credit: Martyna Wędzicka)

The best business card designs can help creatives to stand out in the design world. After all, for a creative, a business card is a chance to show some of your skills from the first introduction, almost serving as a mini creative resume. The best business card designs leave new acquaintances and potential customers with a powerful impression of your identity as a design professional, making them a brilliant marketing tool that can showcase your style and help you stand out.

A standard business card based on the many business card templates out there is a wasted opportunity show your own personal style and skills, while a unique design can grab attention and make sure you're in the person's mind when it comes to hiring. As you'll see in the examples below, there are many ways to make a business card memorable, from clever presentation to creating a practical, useable object.

If your portfolio could also do with a little refresh, make sure you also see our guide to the best portfolio examples for inspiration. Meanwhile read on for our selection of the best business card designs.

The 20 best business card designs

01. Iris Compiet

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We've said that the best business card designs can act as a brief summary of your work, and artist and illustrator Iris Compiet develops that idea further, turning her business card into a mini portfolio. Her card comprises an envelope containing an intricate concertina booklet depicting examples of her vibrant illustrations. It's a fantastic piece of PR and shows real attention to detail.

02. Lush

Business cards: Lush

For best results, spread seeds then add lush. Genius

This clever business card design by Struck Creative doubles as a seed pouch, which is perfectly appropriate for lawn and property management company Lush. It provides all the necessary information in a clear and concise way, and also holds precious (and relevant) contents, meaning that the card is less likely to get tossed.

03. Gong Kantapon

Business cards: Kantapon

Kantapon covered a poster of a woman in mini cards that passers-by could peel off

It can also be interesting to consider placement. New York City-based illustrator Gong Kantapon took an unconventional approach to get his business card noticed. Taking a leaf from informal street advertising, Kantapon covered a poster of a woman in mini business cards that passers-by could peel off and take away. It got everyone's attention by leaving people wondering just what would be revealed when the cards were removed.

04. Lego business card

Business cards: Lego

These Lego minifigure business cards are customised to match their owners

Not only do the guys at Lego have an incredibly cool job; they also get an incredible business card in the form of a personalised mini Lego figure. It's been reported that the company does its best to match each employee's features, even down to their hair and accessories. The individual's name, email and contact number are printed on the figures' tops. Wonderful!

05. Bon Vivant

Business cards: JWT

Ad agency JWT designed this awesome cheese grater business card design for Bon Vivant

Business cards can even be made into practical, useable objects, to ensure they don't get chucked away. This business card for Brazilian cheese store Bon Vivant doubles as cheese grater – a perfect accessory for customers. Created by ad agency JWT, the clever networking tool proved extremely popular, with the owner having to limit who many customers could take. Complete with a protective sleeve, it's simply a grate idea! (Sorry, we'll get our coats...)

06. Cotton business cards

Business cards: MOO

These business cards contain a hidden secret

These business cards from MOO may not look particularly out of the ordinary, but they’re made from the leftovers of cotton T-shirts. The company worked with Mohawk Fine Papers to reinvent one of the oldest methods of paper-making, collecting T-shirt offcuts to turn them into a pulp that's then dried and pressed into strong, flexible, naturally bright white paper. It's for premium business cards. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

07. Engraved

Business cards: John T. Kim

John T. Kim created this design by laser cutting and etching basswood

Business cards tend to be mass printed so each one looks identical, but not in this case. Created by laser cutting and etching basswood, these Engraved business each have a unique woodgrain pattern. New York-based designer John T. Kim started ran his design as a kickstarted project with an initial funding goal of $1,500. It ran for 30 days and raised nearly $24,000.

08. MODHair

Business cards: MOD

This cool musical comb business card plays a rock theme

Another business card-cum-tool, this one encapsulates the brand's identity. Not only is this business card design for hair salon a useable comb, it also plays a classic rock song. The innovative concept was developed by Amsterdam-based designer Fabio Milito for MODhair , a rock'n'roll hair salon in Rome.

09. Bentply


This ingenious business card can be folded into a miniature armchair

What you see above is a neat letterpress business card and mailer for furniture shop Bentply in London that can be made into a mini plywood chair. The ingenious card was created by designer Richard C Evans and produced by Elegante Press in Lithuania. Just follow the instructions and the kiss-cut card can be folded into a miniature of the iconic 1934 plywood armchair designed by Gerald Summers.

10. Greek

Innovative business card designs

A brilliant design by Draft FCB for Greek restaurant

It might not be the most practical business card design – at least not for fitting into a wallet or a Rolodex, but this is certainly memorable. Developed by Cape Town-based creative agency FCB, this business card for a Greek restaurant plays on the Greek custom of smashing plates. Made from broken pieces of pottery, the 'card' features nothing more than the restaurant's name and telephone number.

11. Yuka Suzuki

Business cards: Yuka Suzuki

Hair and make-up artist Yuka Suzuki sells her creative skills with these clever business cards

The hair and make-up industry is highly competitive, so it makes sense to stand out from the crowd. Yuka Suzuki's business card uses different coloured grips to create colourful hairstyles, and the owner gets some free hair accessories to boot. Neat.

12. Choko La

Business cards: FCB

Clients get two treats with this business card: a great card and chocolate

A business card that comes with a chocolate is always going to be popular. In this case, another one from ad agency FCB, the chocolate wrapper is the business card. Again, we're not sure people will hold on to it, but they'll remember who gave them chocolate.

13. Techkeys

Business cards: TechKeys

This business card design certainly ticks the 'innovative' box

This might be the world's geekiest business card design. Created by Techkeys, the printed circuit board doubles up as a computer keyboard thanks to an on-board re-programmable ATMEGA16U2. "Take home one of these as a project, keycap display, switch tester, or a shortcut to yours truly,," the company says.

14. Martyna Wędzicka

Business cards Martyna Wedzicka

A personal, handmade approach makes these business cards unique

Polish designer Martyna Wędzicka created gorgeous business cards that highlight her hands-on approach to design. The clear canvas allows Wędzicka to add a personal touch to each card with some nice doodle art.

15. Elfriede-Lilly Friedeberg

Business cards: Friedberg

These letterpress business cards capture Friedeberg's aesthetic

The best business cards don't all use clever gimmicks. Sometimes it can be effective to simply provide a snapshot of your work. Elfriede-Lilly Friedeberg is a Berlin-based illustrator and graphic design student who creates colourful, cute characters and patterns. Packed full of pastel tones and handmade style, her business card designs summarise her style perfectly.

16. Doctor Zamenhof

Business cards: Doctor Zamenhof

These business card designs will make you drop your jaw in awe

The Spanish design studio Doctor Zamenhof aims to 'diagnose' design problems and prescribe remedies and solutions. Sticking with that medical theme, its team came up with a rather brilliant set of business cards that mimic tongue depressors. The stick shape features all of the design studio's contact information and certainly stands out from other business cards.

17. Vitor Bonates

Business cards: Vitor Bonates

Vitor Bonates combines work and play with these creative business cards

How cool is this personal business card? As a self-confessed lover of music and vinyl, designer Vitor Bonates based his card on classic vinyl records, replacing the track details with his own and completing the design with a sleeve to hold the record. It's a simple but memorable idea with a lot of personality.

18. BDH Millwork

Business cards: BDH Millwork

Leftover wood from BDH Millwork provides the material for its innovative business card

Canadian advertising studio WAX came up with this sophisticated buisness card design for cabinet-maker Brad Haniak of BDH Millwork. On a tiny budget, the WAX team decides the idea of rubber-stamping Haniak's business card information onto pieces of leftover wood, something available in abundance at his carpentry workshop. It's a simple and effective use of something that would otherwise go to waste.

19. Powell Peralta

Business cards: Powell-Peralta

We love the design and attention to detail in these skateboard business cards

We're a little in love with these miniature skateboard business cards for American skateboard company Powell-Peralta. The design is very authentic, made of thin wood grip tape on one side surrounding a skull motif. Created by the talented bunch over at Jukebox, all it needs is a set of wheels!

20. Ritornell

This is one of the best business cards we've come across. Austrian duo Ritornell invites their audiences to bring along their private music boxes. So Katharina Hölzl designed these very special business cards with the aid of laser-assisted milling. They feature nine micro compositions consisting of circles, triangles and Ritornell's contact information applied to a long music box paper stripe. Just see the video above to see how they work.

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