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Business card templates offer a quick solution if you quickly need to start promoting your creative business, whether that's fashion, photography, web development or anything else. While we'd generally recommend designing your own bespoke business card, or having someone do it for you, business card templates can certainly help you out if you're short on time or don't have the graphic design skills or budget to make one from scratch. And even if you are a graphic designer, you might want a template to start from, or to take inspiration from. You can always tweak it to make the card more original. 

Of course, there are lots and lots of free business card templates out there, but sometimes you will have to pay a little at least to get a quality design. The best business templates in our selection below aren't free, but they are very cheap and offer something more original than a lot of the free options. Each is supplied as two editable, print-ready PSD files, for front and back. Almost all of them are a standard 2 x 3.5-inch size with quarter-inch bleed. So whether you're looking for a quick design solution or just ideas to inspire your own business card designs, read on.

If you have the time to design your own business cards from scratch, so much the better. See our guide to how to design a business card for tips and for inspiration, see our selection of the best business card designs. And if you're looking for work, you might also want to see our articles on creating the perfect résumé for creatives, on how to start a design business and on the best places to sell design online.

The best business card templates available now

01. Bold black and white business card by Phantom Printing Press

Business card template by Phantom Printing Press

(Image credit: Phantom Printing Press)

This black and white business card template offers a bold approach with a handwriting font both on the front and the back. It grabs attention and has a lot of personality, and you could always tweak the colours to make it even more of an eye-catcher. The design on the back is minimal, leaving space where you could add by hand any additional personal message you want to pass to a potential client.

02. Minimal Business Card template by Arslan 

Business card templates featuring abstract monochrome design

(Image credit: Arslan)

If you're seeking a straightforward business card that looks both formal and fresh at the same time, check out this business card template. Strikingly effective in its clean efficiency, it's simple, uncluttered and classic. For most people, simply downloading it, opening it in Photoshop and swapping the text for your own details will be all you need to have a great business card design.

03. Individual Business Card template by Emilly Design

Business card templates featuring sun design

(Image credit: Emilly Design)

If you're seeking a business card that's minimalist overall but has a small splash of personality to help it stand out, here's a nice looking creation that gives you plenty of copy to add all your details. Targeted at professionals, this super-clean design offers a great way to get your information in people's physical hands.

04. Modern watercolour blot business card by Redwood & Vine

Business card template by Redwood & Vine

(Image credit: Redwood & Vine)

A splash of colour on a business card can really help it stand out, and this business card template from Redwood & Vine does just that with a watercolour blot that takes up the top half of the card. The back has plenty of space for contact details and includes social media icons to signal your handles. The same designer also has a square shaped card if you want to stand out with an unconventional size.

05. Grunge business card template by Raincutter

Grunge style business card template showing front and back of card

(Image credit: Raincutter)

In some professions, accountancy for instance, you'll want your business card to be pretty formal and serious looking, like the first two on our list. If you work in a more creative role, though, you might prefer something a bit more eye-catching. If so, this template will certainly grab people's attention with its raw grunge texture, while still being eminently legible and functional. 

06. Corporate Business Card template by DesignSoul14

Corporate Business Card based on simple geometric design

(Image credit: DesignSoul14)

Corporate doesn't have to mean staid and boring. This brilliant business card template is clean and simple, but it's anything but formal. Instead, it has more of the feel of a gig flyer or album cover, and yet could still be used to promote any kind of business or freelance practice.

07. Visual Business Card template by Mexelina

Business card template using spraypaint stencil effect for lettering

(Image credit: Mexelina)

Here's a design that will really help you grab prospective clients' attention. Marrying the stencil style of graffiti with some explosive electro-colours, this design looks effortlessly cool, without looking like it's trying too hard; a great trick to pull off. This business card template would be a good choice for any creative practice or individual seeking to look forward-thinking and on-trend. 

08. Funny Retro Style Business Card template by cruzine

Business card with retro lettering reading "Hey I just met you/And this is crazy/But here's my number/So call me maybe"

(Image credit: Cruzine)

Want people to keep your business card and show it around other people? Then this cute and funny design will surely do the trick. With a bubbly, colourful and retro look, it quotes the Carly Rae Jepsen hit Call me Maybe from 2012. But even if the recipient is too old (or too young) to know the song, it still makes sense. And if they end up having a friend, relative or colleague explain the reference, that's just going to make you stick in their head more. The template is available in both Light and Dark versions.

09. Audio Cassette Business Card template by Taeef

Business card in the shape of an audio cassette

(Image credit: Taeef)

This business card template is sure to put a smile on anyone's face, and is perfect for anyone who works in the music industry, or other professions connected to audio, such as podcasters or music teachers. The main file contains two Photoshop files for the front and back. Just download the free fonts and insert your details: easy!

10. DJ Business Card template by vinyljunkie

Business card template featuring design based on DJ decks

(Image credit: VinylJunkie)

Here's another great template that almost guarantees people will want to hold onto your business card, and show it to others. This design packs in a lot of visual detail, but makes it all cohere easily around one simple, powerful statement. Made "with love and passion" by a DJ for other DJs, the meaning is instant and captivating. 

11. Fashion Designer Business Card template by D-and-I 

Fashion Designer Business Card featuring pink button

(Image credit: D-and-I)

If you work in fashion and have ever exchanged business cards with colleagues and contacts, you'll have seen a whole host of visual cliches, and you won't want to fall into the same trap. This elegant business card template does a brilliant job of conveying a fashion theme with wit and originality. Sometimes the simplest designs really are the best. This design is available in three colour schemes and two styles.

12. 40 Vertical Business Card templates by AKaiser

40 colourful business card template designs

(Image credit: AKaiser)

If you send out a lot of business cards, it can be useful to have a variety of designs. That way you can offer the person a choice, when handing them out at physical events. You can also mail past and prospective clients different business cards over time, as a fun way of keeping in touch and reminding them you're there. This selection of 40 vertical business card templates offers a great way to mix things up.

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