The best Magic Keyboard alternatives available in 2024

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The best Magic Keyboard alternatives can improve the typing experience for those using Macs and iPads for their work, while potentially also saving money in comparison with Apple's own offerings. While there's no denying that Apple's own keyboard has its strengths, it's not the best value, and other keyboard provide additional benefits in customisation and ergonomics.

We've reviewed and tested most Macs and iPads and related accessories, and many of our reviewers use Magic Keyboard alternatives for their own work. As such, we're well placed to compare the benefits of the best Magic Keyboards available, from mechanical keyboards to iPad keyboard cases. We've compared build quality, ergonomics, features and value to help you find a keyboard that works for you. 

We'll start with the best Magic keyboard alternatives for Mac before moving onto options for iPads. Scroll down for that, or click on the link to skip straight there. For a broader range of options, you can also check our guide to the best keyboards overall.

The best Magic Keyboard alternatives

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The best Magic Keyboard alternatives for Mac

The best Magic Keyboard alternatives for iPad

How to choose the best Magic Keyboard alternative

To choose the best Magic keyboard alternative for you, you'll want to consider comfort, build, price, performance and also aesthetics (Apple's Macs and iPads look pretty sleek, so it's hard not to want to consider looks as well). With all of this in mind, consider how much you want to spend.

In the guide above, we've considered different priorities. Some people prefer mechanical key switches since they provide a satisfying typing experience with audible clicks. Others may want a simple economical accessory. In the case of the iPad, you may want a Magic Keyboard alternative that doubles as a protective case for your device.

How we tested the best Magic Keyboard alternatives

We have been reviewing hardware for creatives since Creative Bloq began in 2012, and we've reviewed almost every Mac and iPad that Apple has produced since then. Our reviewers, many of them working creatives, have built up a huge amount of experience in testing and reviewing Mac accessories, including Magic keyboards and Magic Keyboard alternatives.

To choose the best Magic keyboard alternatives for this guide, we compared our reviewers' evaluations on build quality, features, ergonomics and overall typing experience. We considered whether the keyboard provided extra benefits, such as serving as adding protection when it comes to the iPad, and we also considered price in order to recommend options for different budgets.

Why would I want a Magic Keyboard Alternative?

The official Apple Magic Keyboard is a great accessory for most Apple-users, but not everyone is a fan of the design layout (and the high price!) of this keyboard, with plenty of other brands and manufacturers out there making keyboards that are just as great and within budget. 

If you're used to the Windows or PC keyboard format, then you might prefer an external keyboard with this layout as opposed to one with the command key instead of control. There are some keyboards that can be totally customized to suit your preferences, style of typing, and comfort levels – which is why a lot of creatives have been ditching the Apple Magic keyboard lately in favour of mechanical keyboards instead, especially for the clicky-clack ASMR sounds they make. 

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