Disturbingly funny viral comics to be animated

Joan Cornell agrave selfie stick

Joan Cornellà's work isn't for the faint of heart, but it shines a light on society that can't help but make you both flinch and chuckle

If you haven't already seen Joan Cornellà's darkly humorous illustrations, you must have been living under a rock. Each comic strip presents an often grotesque social commentry – from selfie sticks to bizarre beasteality – they aren't exactly to everybodies taste.

The fiercely independent artist, who appeared at this year's Thought Bubble comic art convention, now wants to animate his sinister strips and is seeking help via Kickstarter.

He aims to create 30 clips of his most popular stories, some adapted from his last book, Zonzo, plus more created exclusively for the "wonderful project".

Joan Cornellà isn't afraid to point out society's superficiality and hypocrisy in rather disturbing ways

Despite his sarcastic, no-boundary artistic commentry on modern society having a particular focus on internet usage and social media, Joan owes much (if not most) of his popularity to Facebook sharers.

Since all his art is available via the internet his intention is to share these clips the same way: through his Facebook and YouTube channel, by May 2016 (if funding is successful).

You can check out one example clip, made with the help of "a very nice group of North Koren animators, top level workers" by watching the tongue and cheek Kickstarter video below.

Backers will recieve a whole host of incentives for supporting him, so check out the project here if you want to see more of his surreal characters brought to life.

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