How to simplify figures for animation

Character design
(Image credit: Jackie Droujko)

When creating characters, it’s easy to get lost in the details. If you’re designing for animation, comics or even your portfolio, it’s important to be able to design a simple character that can be drawn again and again. The ultimate goal is to retain as much information as possible while stripping your characters down to their essential elements. How far can we simplify a character, pose or expression as much as possible without losing what keeps it alive? 

Animation is a tedious process and so the fewer lines you need to draw, the more efficient the animation process will be. I’ve been character designing professionally for a few years now, and am excited to share all the things I keep in mind when creating characters for animation projects. I’m constantly learning new techniques and tricks since design is a challenging and ever-evolving process. I hope this time next year I’ll have even more insight to share!

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Jackie Droujko

Sheridan animation graduate Jackie is a character designer working at Netflix on feature films. Her passion lies in creating simple and appealing designs that convey compelling stories.