Animation sketches: 8 ways to improve your drawings

animation sketches: image of a tiger
(Image credit: Prem Sal GS)

When it comes to animation sketches we often fall into the trap of copying our subjects line for line, shape for shape, and render everything out exactly the way we see them based on our knowledge of light, form, composition and so on. When we’re done, we stand back for a much-awaited “ah-ha” moment… only to realise the piece we’d worked so hard on looks perhaps accurate, but also rather stale and lifeless. 

How do we imbue life into these pieces that almost suck the life out of us to get them done in the first place? Even more importantly, how do we make it a unique experience for the viewer in a way that’s representative of our individuality? In this article, I’ve gathered some of the things that have worked for me in tackling this subject. I’d like to invite you on a trip into the unspoken, ambiguous and intangible facet of art-making.

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