12 inspirational industrial designers to follow on Behance

Behance is a great place to find new work and creative inspiration from top industrial designers. But with so many people to browse through, it can be difficult to know where to start.

So to make things easy for you, we've done the hard work and picked 12 of the top industrial designers' portfolios.

These designers are busy reinventing the design of products such as furniture, gadgets, cars – even toilets – in the most amazing ways. So take a glimpse into the future of design, as we reveal the industrial designers you should be following...

01.  Mark Millhollon 

This light was inspired by light-bulb moments

Specialising in industrial and product design, the portfolio of Mark Millhollon is definitely worth a look. Millhollon favours a simple, clean approach to his projects, resulting in a gallery of gorgeous products. A stand out example is this personal light. It was inspired by the 'click' of a pen that occurs while recording those initial "light bulb" moments.

02. Enrico Zanolla 

Enrico Zanolla's Pitaro vase uses glass and natural cork
(Image: © Enrico Zanolla )

Enrico Zanolla combines materials and textures in this beautiful glass and cork vase. The Italian industrial and interior designer has an extensive portfolio, overflowing with inspiring images. With a particular interest in lamp design, Zanolla has many examples here, but the series featured above is our clear favourite.

03. Taylor Scott Ross 

Scott Ross seeks to integrate play with design

It's clear to see that play has a big influence on the designs of Taylor Scott Ross, a product designer specialising in furniture who seeks to integrate play into his design work. 

This chair is part of the Playgrown series, a playground-inspired collection of furniture and home accessories. We love how Scott Ross mixes utility with fun, all in the name of great design. 

04. Mika Bektor 

Bektor created this 'Cykla' commuter bike that can transform from a cruiser to a road bike

Swedish-born industrial designer Mika Bektor graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2010 as a Scholar All American with a BFA in Industrial Design. His extensive portfolio includes inspirational concepts and creations in everything from iPhone and tablet cases to bikes, golf clubs and cheese slices.

05. Vladimir Tomilov 

We're loving these floor lamps, reminiscent of the War of the Worlds tripods

These awesome black and green 'Octopussy' lights feature on the brilliant portfolio of designer Vladimir Tomilov. With a focus on furniture and interior design, Tomilov has won awards for many of his cool designs. If you like bold, bright colours and unusual concepts then you should definitely check this guy out.

06. Mateusz Chmura 

Guys could go to the toilet in style with this concept from Chmura

Polish designer Mateusz Chmura has certainly created some unique projects, including the above titled The Drop – an unusual, yet stylish urinal. Chmura's portfolio is full of inspiring ideas and while he tends to focus on industrial design, he's also a very talented illustrator.

07.  Charlie Nyrjä 

Nyrjä's packaging Charlié Dans la Nature earned her a place on the Recreate Packaging competition shortlist
(Image: © Charlie Nyrjä)

Charlie Nyrjä is stilll only a student, but has already worked on some pretty amazing projects. She specialises in industrial and packaging design. We love the concept of her simple flower-carrying packaging and this beautiful perfume packaging – so special, it'd be worth buying for the box alone!

08. Owen Read 

Owen Read's Pocket Desk creates a more versatile computer working space with its storage
(Image: © Owen Read)

We really like the simple yet effective designs in the portfolio of Owen Read. Having graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in industrial design, Read's concepts are all about making everyday life easier. This Pocket Desk is the perfect example, as seemingly endless storage spaces appear the more you explore the desk, all hidden away for a clean look.

09. Daniel Kamp 

The Press Pour Over Brewer: part coffee maker, part sculpture

The portfolio of industrial designer Daniel Kamp is one that we've had our eye on for a while now.  Kamp graduated in 2011 and has since won multiple awards for his brilliant designs. Our favourite of his has to be  The Press Pour Over Brewer. It's part coffee maker, part sculpture, combining elegant form and quality materials. The Press jug and lid are hand cast in solid, heavy porcelain from 3D printed moulds.

10. Valentin Dequidt

Valentin Dequidt's BBQ Box applies a suitcase concept to barbecues on the go
(Image: © Valentin Dequidt)

A graduate of ISD Valenciennes, France, Dequidt works as an industrial designer at Carrefour China. His finished products on Behance are accompanied by concept designs that show his creative journey in a whimsical cartoon style. This suitcase-inspired portable BBQ Box is a perfect example of Dequidt's work, which focuses on furniture and products that combine style with space saving.

11. Ellie Zeng

Zeng's Hello from the Weather concept lets you feel the weather outside, in your home
(Image: © Ellie Zeng)

Ellie Zeng's product designs are fun and innovative, if not strictly necessary items. The Guangzhou University student's Hello from the Weather concept may look like it's inspired by 1990s British show/books The Brollys but we like it. Why open a window when you can stick your hand in a machine, after all?

12. Katapult Design

Katapult Design's eHat has video and voice connectivity
(Image: © Katapult Design)

We love Katapult Design's solutions-driven approach to product design. The team have designed all sorts of things, from a corporate fire detection system to an aircraft interior to this eHat for apprentice trades people. The eHat uses an HD camera and built-in headset and microphone to help junior staff talk to remote supervisors, with supervisors able to see what they're doing as they guide them through it.