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5 top Flexbox resources

Doing responsive web design has never been easier thanks to flexbox, or Flexible Box Layout. It's a powerful CSS module that gives web designers and developers an efficient and simple way to lay out, align and distribute elements in a container. It solves many layout problems we have been struggling to solve for a long time.

And thanks to a variety of resources available across the web, learning flexbox needn't be difficult. With these guides, resources and games, you’ll be flexing your flexbox muscles in no time.

01. The Flexbox Game

The Flexbox Game allows you to visually solve flexbox layout puzzles without writing a single line of code. If you’re a visual learner, this is the one for you.

02. Flexbox Froggy

An online game that teaches you the basics of flexbox while you help some frogs get across a pond. It’s never been easier to jump into flexbox.

03. Flexbox Defense

Who says flexbox isn’t serious? In this game you’ll use common flexbox layouts to position cannons and thwart oncoming waves of enemies. 

04. A Complete Guide to Flexbox

CSS-Tricks is a great resources for all of your flexbox code snippets. Be sure to bookmark this one.

05. Flexbox Layout Examples

At Webflow we’ve designed and built some of the most common flexbox layouts around. Here we teach you how you can easily create them yourself.

This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 282; buy it here!

Mat is a designer and leads the education efforts at Webflow, where they are changing the way we build on the web.