First impressions: concept artist and illustrator Emily Chapman

First impressions; a woman in an art studio
(Image credit: Emily Chapman)

Emily Chapman is a freelance multi-medium artist working on coloured pencil fan art commissions, original fantasy character portraits, and personalised kitsune masks. She's a concept artist and illustrator with a passion for Disney and fantasy. Below we quiz the artist on how she got started and her style. Discover more at her Emily Chapman's ArtStation webpage.

You’re a child, you see a piece of art that changes everything. Where are you, what are you looking at, and what effect did it have?

"There’s no single artwork, but I was obsessed with early Disney movies. My mum would have Disney movie marathons as my ‘babysitter’ when I went to her work after school. I think that Disney was my first inspiration, as I used to regularly draw my favourite characters. I believe that’s where I began my observational skills, along with igniting my own imagination."

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