These motivational AI celebrity cats are what the internet was invented for

Inspired Cats AI-generated celebrity portrayed as a cat
(Image credit: Inspired Cats)

Ever wondered what Elon Musk or Che Guevara would look like as cats? No, neither have we. But someone out there has, and the advances in AI-art generators mean they no longer have to only imagine what the resulting feline would like. They've created Inspired Cat Daily, an entire YouTube channel dedicated to AI-generated images of cats inspired by celebrities.

Considering that cats and celebrities are perhaps the internet's two favourite things, the idea really is.. well, inspired. From Mother Teresa to Marilyn Monroe and from Desmond Tutu to Warren Buffet, we now get to see what so we're sure that Inspired Cat Daily is going to be a massive hit (still unsure about how text-to-image AI art generators work? See our piece on how to use DALL-E 2).

We've all seen those trite motivational quote posters. Sometimes the photo of a famous person with a quote from them underneath, sometimes just stock photography of a waterfall (and a stock quote to match). Wouldn't it be so much more inspiring if those nuggets of wisdom were delivered by a cute AI-generated cat bearing a stunning likeness to the sage being quoted. Of course, it would!

Thankfully, Inspired Cat Daily is here. The YouTube channel we never knew we needed and which in just a handful of uploads has demonstrated the entire point of AI art generators, making them well worth all the controversy. "If you like cute cats and getting inspired by great people, then INSPIRED CAT DAILY is the right channel for you," the channel says in its presentation. "Here you can find inspiration from great people portrayed as cats." Genius!

Inspired Cat Daily shares a video a day. Each shows an image of one of its AI-generated celebrity-inspired cats together with a voiceover reading an inspiring quote from the person in question. It could be a philosophers or mystic (Plato, Goethe, Francis of Assisi) a mega pop celeb like Madonna and Michael Jackson or business leader like Musk, Jobs or Warren Buffet.

We don't know who's behind the channel. We just received an email signed by 'Inspired Cat' in which the sagacious feline said they create the images using the text-to-image AI art generator Midjourney. This is one of the tools that cropped in this comparison of the best AI art generators. It's also the AI art generator that controversially won an art competition

You type in a text prompt describing the image you want to create, and the AI tool does its best to create what it thinks you want based on the millions of existing images and captions that it's been trained on. Such tools are very controversial because of copyright issues – in most cases the authors of the works used to train the tools were not consulted – and because of concerns over what they mean for creative jobs. But this is just the kind of silly but adorable project that might win people over.

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