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Verizon Black Friday iPhone 12 deal: Get $450 off iPhone 12, 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max with trade in

iPhone 12 deal with Verizon
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Verizon is offering an amazing early Black Friday iPhone 12 deal right now – get a brand new iPhone 12, 12 Pro, or 12 Pro Max and save $450 off the price with a trade in. (This was $550 on Nov 5, so it's clear that this deal is time-limited).

Any new customer with a 'high tier' phone – eg, an iPhone 8, X, XR, iPhone SE, or Google Pixel 3 – is eligible for the full $450 saving spread over your 24-month contract period. Not got one of those? Fear not! A 'lower tier' phone, such as the iPhone 7 or 6, will still get you a tidy $100 off. 

And, if you're a new customer, you'll want to get an unlimited Verizon plan, such as their Above, Beyond, Do, Play or Get Unlimited plans, to make the most of the 5G you'll be enjoying with your new iPhone 12. If you're an existing customer, you'll have to add a new line to your existing plan, trade in your current phone, and you'll be able to enjoy the deal.

And this being Verizon, there's more! It's also running a buy one, get another up to $800 off at the moment. Simply buy a iPhone 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max, and get another phone with a new line, with an Above, Beyond, Do, Play or Get Unlimited plan – and Verizon will take $33.33 off your contract each month.

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Save $450 on a new iPhone 12, 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 12: Save up to $450 at Verizon
Save $450:
If you've got the right phone to trade in (including the iPhone 11 pro Max of the iPhone SE) you could save $450 over a 24-month period of time. You'll also need to take out an unlimited plan with Verizon, or get a new line if you're an existing customer. Offer limited.
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Apple iPhone 12 Pro: Save up to $450 at Verizon
Save $450:
If you have a 'higher tier' iPhone, such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max or Google Pixel 3 to trade in, you can get $450 off the contract price of any of the iPhone 12 range – iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max. Trading 'lower tier' phones like the iPhone 7 and 6 models will get you $100 off. Offer limited. 
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All iPhone 12s | Buy one, get another for $800 less at Verizon
Save $800:
If you need two phones, and you want them to be the best, then this buy one get another is a great deal. Get $800 taken off your 24-month contract if you buy a phone in the iPhone 12 range, and get another phone (make it under $800, and it's free!)
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