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MacBook Black Friday deals 2022: the full lowdown

MacBook Black Friday deals
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We can look forward to some great MacBook Black Friday deals in 2022 if this year's sales were anything to go by. The MacBook Black Friday deals in November 2021 even included discounts on the newest MacBook Pros, so we'll be hoping to see even better discounts on the M1 Pro and Max-chipped laptops next year.

As always, the release of new devices means deals on earlier models, and since Apple products are seriously future-proofed, these are well worth considering. Some of the best MacBook Black Friday and MacBook Cyber Monday deals this year were on the Intel versions of the MacBook Pro, with up to $500 off 2019 models, but we also saw great deals on the M1-chipped 2020 MacBook Air, which came in for savings of up to $170.

While Apple hasn't yet announced any new releases for 2022, its calendar is predictable enough that we expect to see a new MacBook Air 2022, or equivalent even if it doesn't keep the Air name. We might also get a new entry-level MacBook Pro. Again that means that we should see Black Friday discounts on earlier MacBooks.

We'll be updating this page well ahead of the official dates of Black Friday to ensure you can find the best early MacBook Black Friday 2022 deals, and we'll be keeping ip updated throughout the sale with direct links to the best deals from a range of retailers. For now, read on for tips on how you can prepare to get the best Black Friday MacBook savings. 

For more products, see our general guides Black Friday 2022 and the best Apple Black Friday 2022 deals, which covers a range of popular Apple devices.

Black Friday MacBook deals: when is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday has become a regular fixture on the calendar now, both in the US and beyond. It falls the day after Thanksgiving in the US, which means that in 2022, it's going to be on 25 November. Cyber Monday follows right on its heels on 28 November, which means we can pretty much expect to see savings on MacBooks across that whole weekend. 

At least these are the official dates, but, as you've probably noticed, over recent years, retailers have been starting their deals earlier and earlier. As a result, it's perfectly possible to find great Black Friday MacBook deals as early as the start of November. That said, the biggest discounts tend to be saved for Black Friday itself, but they also sell out very quickly, so sometimes it can be wise to grab an early deal when you see one.

Black Friday MacBook deals: what did we see in 2021?

2021 was a pretty good year for Black Friday MacBook deals, with savings across a range of models, including even the newest MacBook Pros, which offer a choice between the super-fast M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. For example, B&H Photo had $200 off the 2021 Apple MacBook Pro 14in. OK, so even with $200 off, this laptop is still hardly cheap at $1,799, but it was a very welcome discount for a stunning laptop that had only been released the previous month.

Of course, the majority of the best deals were on earlier models, particularly the Pre-M1 version of the MacBook Pro since most people now want to get their hands on Apple's own silicon. In the UK, John Lewis had up to £300 off 2020 Intel-powered MacBook Pros, and in the US B&H had up to $350 off some of the same devices, while Best Buy had a massive £500 off the 2019 MacBook Pro 16. It wasn't all MacBook Pros, however, a range of retailers also had savings of around $100/£100 on the more affordable M1-chipped 2020 MacBook Air, taking the price below $1,000/£900.

How to find the best MacBook Black Friday deals

Hopefully, by Black Friday 2022, supply chain issues will be resolved and we'll see a good range of Black Friday deals on the current models and maybe even on anything new Apple might release in the meantime. All the same, the best Black Friday MacBook deals go quickly, so you need to be prepared. Do your research beforehand so that you already know which model of the MacBook you're interested in buying (and which chip, how much memory and how much storage space you need). Also, start keeping an eye on the prices so you know a good deal when you see one. 

But the best way of all to ensure you find the best MacBook Black Friday deals is to use this page. Get it bookmarked and come back regularly throughout the period leading up to Black Friday and during the weekend itself to find direct links to all the best deals. And if you can't wait until November to get your new laptop. take a look below now for the best current prices on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air at a range of retailers.

What retailers have MacBook Black Friday deals?

Most of the major electronics and tech retailers offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals of some kind, including Black Friday MacBook savings. Good bets in the US include Amazon, Adorama and B&H. Walmart and Best Buy also often have a couple of big headline deals. Over in the UK, Amazon, Currys, John Lewis, Laptops Direct, Very and are all worth trying. 

One place where you won't find a MacBook Black Friday deal is directly from Apple. Instead of discounting stock, Apple offers gift cards for savings on future purchases. That's great if you know you'll want to buy something from Apple in the future, which to be honest, you probably will, but it's not the same as a cash discount.

Fortunately, our price tracking technology makes it easy for you to find the best MacBook Black Friday deals without having to do the legwork and search a load of retailers yourself. We'll be linking directly to the best prices here on this page, which we'll be updating throughout the sale – you can even look below right now to find the best current MacBook prices.

Black Friday MacBook Pro deals

The latest MacBook Pros are the most powerful laptops available, and the perfect choice for creative professionals that need fast performance. You have three sizes available. The first to feature Apple's own silicon was the 2020 MacBook Pro 13 with the original M1 chip. It's a fine machine with stunning performance and it's highly portable, but the 13in screen may well be too small for some. In October 2021, that was followed with the 14in and 16in MacBook Pros, which boast even more powerful silicon in the form of Apples M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, which have been fine tuned for even better video performance. 

Of course, if you're looking for a bargain, it's still worth considering earlier models, such as the 2019 and 2020 MacBook Pros with their Intel chips. They're still fantastic laptops, and you're more likely to spot a discount on those in our price roundup below.

Black Friday MacBook Air deals

The MacBook Air is Apple's lighter, more affordable laptop, and the perfect choice for creatives that need a portable laptop. It had a major overhaul in 2020 with the introduction of Apple's M1 chip, putting its performance more on a parallel with the MacBook Pro. It's not yet been updated since then, but with a new model widely expected to be released in 2022, that means we could see some great MacBook Black Friday deals on the 2020 M1 iteration. 

MacBook Black Friday deals: Which MacBook should I buy?

Which MacBook you should consider buying on Black Friday depends a lot on what you want to use it for. If you do a lot of heavy-duty video editing or 3D work then you may well want to go for the 2021 MacBook Pro 14 or 16, which offer a choice of fastest chips available, the M1 Pro or M1 Max (for some perspective the GPU in the M1 Pro chip is supposed to be up to 2 times faster than the M1 that comes in the 2020 MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Air, while M1 Max is a staggering 4 times faster than M1). 

However, for the vast majority of the people, that kind of power will really be surplus to their needs, an earlier MacBook Pro like the 2020 M1 or even a 2019 Intel-powered device will handle everything you need it to. Personally, we're big fans of the super slimline 2020 MacBook Air, which packs the M1 chip into a super light, portable laptop, which is ideal for creative work on the go. For more details see our MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021) review, our MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021) review and our MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air comparison. 

If you don't want to stretch to the latest models, you might consider an earlier version and pairing it with one of the best external hard drives and SSDs for extra storage.

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