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The media and entertainment industry is in a constant state of evolution, as producers strive for better, higher fidelity content, driven by advancements in both production and delivery. Lenovo is at the forefront of this digital media revolution with its range of powerful workstations; Lenovo’s ThinkStations are engineered for today, but ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Film and TV studios, video game developers and streaming systems are pushing hard to secure an audience, and the desire for new, eye-catching material has never been so strong. Technical innovations like virtual production – which provides the ability to combine actors and visual effects in real time – helps to simplify and speed up the process, but also requires sufficiently powerful hardware and the infrastructure to manage ever-increasing datasets.

The move from HD to 4K and now 8K means an exponential leap in the size and resolution of assets and final output, yet budgets and schedules remain static or are being reduced. Against this charge to create new, rich content you'll need a good workstation.

Thinking of the future

Lenovo workstations: A photo of a woman working at a computer in an office

A Lenovo ThinkStation can meet your digital content needs (Image credit: Lenovo)

To accommodate these new workflows, your workstation needs to be powerful, stable, reliable and flexible, able to cope with the most demanding tasks and able to adapt to your changing needs.

Lenovo’s desktop ThinkStations are engineered with these criteria in mind, and can be configured with the most powerful CPUs and GPUs on the market, available with AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper Pro or Intel Xeon processors, in conjunction with dual RTX graphics cards from Nvidia.

This kind of horsepower lets 3D artists manipulate huge scene files, perform computationally intensive simulations, and benefit from realtime raytracing, resulting in instant previews and faster iteration. Similarly, compositors and video editors can work on dozens of assets at the same time, or cut between multiple 4K clips and view the results in real time, without missing a beat.

Lenovo ThinkStation P620 Product Tour

Lenovo’s ThinkStations are also equipped with huge amounts of storage (up to 20TB), fast PCIe 4.0 connections, a terabyte of ECC RAM should you need it, and 10GB ethernet networking for fast transfer of data.

As the world has come to embrace remote working, so digital artists too have had to get used to working from home, shared workspaces and coffee shops. But whatever your situation, Lenovo’s ThinkPads have you covered here too, with a range of powerful mobile workstations. Boasting Intel’s 10th generation chips and Nvidia Quadro GPUs, these portable workhorses are capable of most digital content creation tasks you might throw at them.

If you're a media and entertainment (M&E) professional and want to increase productivity and your creative capabilities, download this free ebook from Lenovo (opens in new tab). Inside you'll discover four ways to speed up your work process. 

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