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Hollywood Art Institute photography course offer

While more people are snapping pictures on their phones than ever, you can still set yourself apart from the pack with pro-quality instruction. Learn the fundamentals of crucial to crafting a great photo regardless of your device, thanks to this Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course and Certification – now just $19.99 (over 90% off).

Learning photography can be overwhelming when you dive into the technical stuff, but you don’t need to get confused by jargon to get great pictures. Learn from the best with the Hollywood Art Institute’s 22-lesson class, which is accredited by the Photography Education Accreditation Council. You’ll dive into everything from lighting to composition and much more, and will even get a certificate of completion by course’s end.

The Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course and Certification usually retails for $2,595, but you can save over 90% off that price. That means you’ll pay just $19.99 (approx. £14)!