Accessibility and performance in web design

How do slow-performing web applications impact user experience for people with disabilities? Are there aspects of the web rendering process that create barriers when you’re relying on a screen reader?

In this talk from Generate New York earlier this year, Marcy Sutton takes a look at web performance through an accessibility lens, and discusses how, by studying the limitations of browsers with assistive technologies and establishing developer best practices, we can we make faster, more accessible experiences for our users. 

If you want to maximise your reach then both performance and accessibility should be on your agenda, and Marcy's talk will arm your for upping your game on this score, as she looks at progressive enhancement in detail with server- and client-rendered apps built with Angular 2, React or Ember FastBoot, and always remembering our good accessibility friend: static HTML.

For more essential performance advice, head to Generate London on 20-22 September, when Patrick Hamann will discuss his latest performance research. Léonie Watson, meanwhile, will explain how JavaScript and accessibility can work together, looking at accessibility mechanics in the browser as well as the new Accessibility Object Model (AOM) JavaScript API.

At her talk at Generate London Léonie Watson will explain how to use JavaScript so you only blow the bloody doors off

There's plenty more to discover at Generate London, including talks Aaron Gustafson, Seb Lee-Delisle, Ally Long and Jaime Levy, so don't miss out and get your ticket today!