Disney films reimagined in the style of Tim Burton

Mashup artist Andrew Tarusov gives iconic Disney characters a creepy Tim Burton edge.

Disney films Tim Burton style The Lion King

Simba gets a Tim Burton twist in this creepily delightful new series

If you're currently learning how to draw, or working through some Illustrator tutorials, why not put your drawing skills into practise with something a little different? One artist that does this on a regular basis is Andrew Tarusov, the Russian mashup illustrator famous for giving Disney princesses a controversial pin-up makeover.

Tarusov's clever new series offers a tantalising glimpse of what the world of Disney might look like in the hands of infamous director Tim Burton and his gothic imagination – and its brilliant!

To put Burton's stamp on the artwork, Tarusov borrowed some of the signature quirks from his macabre movies, including The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride.

Slender, wraith-like figures, huge beaming eyes, and a washed-out colour scheme – they're all here and they all suit classic Disney princesses and animals surprisingly well. Which is your favourite?

Disney films Tim Burton style The Little Mermaid

Tim Burton works just as well under the sea

Disney films Tim Burton style 101 Dalmations

We'd love to see how a Tim Burton Cruella de Vil would look

Disney films Tim Burton style Aladdin

Take a magic carpet ride with this Tim Burton-style Aladdin and Jasmine

Disney films Tim Burton style Bambi

Don't shoot! This Bambi is as cute as the Disney version

Disney films Tim Burton style Beauty and The Beast

The use of silhouette works really well in this piece

Disney films Tim Burton style Dumbo

Big round eyes are a classic Burton motif

Disney films Tim Burton style Pinocchio

Hollow eyes give Pinocchio a new sinister edge

Disney films Tim Burton style Sleeping Beauty

A laboratory setting is a perfect Tim Burton setting

Disney films Tim Burton style Snow White

These shadowy animals would fit into any Tim Burton film

Disney films Tim Burton style The Lion King

The Lion King borrows imagery from The Nightmare Before Christmas

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