One for block-heads: wooden Lego!

Forget plastic! This stunning array of wooden Lego has us in a creative flurry. You'll never look at these blocks in the same way again...

As many of you are aware, we're huge fans of Lego here at Creative Bloq. Those little plastic blocks can create some of the most impressive pieces we've ever had the pleasure of setting our eyes upon. And now our favourite colourful plastic pieces have had a makeover and it's only made us fall in love even more!

The wooden blocks are easily stackable with the original plastic bricks

The 'knock-off' LEGO blocks are carved from maple and birch and have been created by Japanese-based designers Mokurukku. Each block has been carefully crafted so that it can be easily stacked alongside the regular plastic LEGO bricks. That would make for a wonderful wooden/plastic creation!

For only $32, you can head to Iichi and receive a bag of 50 of these gorgeous wooden LEGO blocks.

A classic figurine gets a wooden makeover

It's not just the bricks that have been given a wooden makeover: French designer Malet Thibaut also crafted some stunning wooden LEGO-inspired figurines. Entitled 'art toys' each figure is lovingly hand-made and given a unique number on the bottom of its feet. Sadly, their limbs aren't able to move but we still think they're great to look at!

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