Food art: 10 jaw-dropping examples of culinary craft

Food art may seem a little strange. And the following creatives certainly bring a whole new meaning to not playing with your food. But, despite how they became inspired to use food as an art medium, this talented bunch have created some amazing foodscapes and sculptures. Check it out...

01. Carl Warner

We think St Paul's cathedral in watermelon works well, right? Image © Carl Warner

Photographer Carl Warner creates truly amazing foodscapes. His scenes can take up to two or three days to build and then photograph and then a further couple of days to finesse and blend all of the elements together. One of our favourite pieces is this amazing London skyline created using various fruit and vegetables.

02. Nadege Meriau

This piece, titled 'Post Ocular' reveals the inside of a pumpkin in a whole new light

The work of Nadege Meriau looks more like something out of a science fiction film than food photography. A fan of the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket, Meriau turns her five a day into stunning but strange grottos and dwellings. Awesome.

03. Christel Assante

French sculpture artist Christel Assante carves detailed images into various animal eggs, including ostrich and emu eggs

French artist Christel Assante has been practising the unusual art of eggshell carving for approximately nine years. Using a knife, vinegar and mini drill, Assante takes roughly four days to produces each beautiful, delicate sculpture from a selection of emu, ostrich, nandu, goose, pheasant, duck, and quail eggs.

04. Maurice Bennett

Maurice Bennett carefully toasted thousands of bread slices to create this stunning Barrack Obama portrait

Maurice Bennett aka The Toastman creates his amazing artwork from, yes, you guessed it, pieces of toast. Bennett takes thousands of bread slices, toasted in different manners to underline various skin highlights, tones and shadows. His work includes portraits of the Mona Lisa, Barrack Obama and Elvis Presley.

05. Tamás Balla

Talented artist Tamás Balla creates unique scenes using ordinary food items. Image © Tamás Balla

We just love the funny, innovative style of artist Tamás Balla. Using food in ways you'd never imagine, Balla transforms ordinary food items into parts of humorous and strange scenes. We particularly like the brilliant facial expressions he manages to carve into various pieces of fruit!

06. Jim Victor

It blows our minds a little that this entire scene is made of butter!

Artist Jim Victor is incredibly dedicated to his work, spending hours in freezers sculpting various life-size figures, including horses, cows and children, out of huge mounds of butter. But Victor doesn't restrict himself to the dairy product, he also creates artwork from chocolate, cheese and fruit.

07. Zhanna Bakery

Soft drink anyone?

Ok, so you may be wondering what's so inspiring about this case of Pepsi. Well, if you look a little closer, you'll notice that is in fact a cake. Based in St Petersburg, Russia, Zhanna Bakery has created some of the most amazing cake designs we've ever seen. The unbelievable designs include everything from realistic looking treasure chests and sewing machines to famous buildings and hamburgers.

08. James Parker

Fancy a bit of fruit and veg carving? Head over to James Parker's tutorials on Veggy Art

Chef James Parker is a master of fruit and vegetable carving. In fact, he is so passionate about the artform, in 2001 he set up his own company Veggy Art, which specialises in the creation of beautiful food garnishes. And Parker's not selfish with his skills, releasing many training videos on exactly how you can recreate these gorgeous designs yourself.

09. Jason Mecier

We're thinking we'd probably haven eaten a lot of the materials on this project

Using pretty much any food he can lay his hands on, mosaic artist Jason Mecier creates brilliant, intricate portraits. Previous work has seen him combine crisps, beans, hamburger buns, sweets, cookies, noodles and pretzels to produce images of celebrities such as Rosie O’Donnell, Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson and Jerry Seinfeld.

10. Prudence Staite

A pizza dough Rome. Awesome.

When Prudence Staite couldn't decide whether to be a chef or an artist, she decided to combine the two. Now, using mainly chocolate, she sculpts edible art. But her talents aren't limited to designing with the sweet treat, one of our favourite pieces is this awesome sculpture of the Colosseum made out of pizza dough for an exhibit at the Museum of London.

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