The best adverts of the 1960s

(Image credit: VW/DDB)

Marked by widespread social and political change, the 1960s saw an increase in alternative lifestyles, counter-cultural movements and human rights reforms. The trippy psychedelic styles and bold statements of youth culture in this radical era influenced everything from art and music to advertising in print and in motion, and resulted in some fantastic 1960s logos.

Following on from some brilliant 1950s adverts, the '60s was known as the 'golden age of advertising', with the rising popularity of television helping brands connect with their audiences in new ways, alongside a wave of more exciting print ads, led by imagery, humour and emotion. 

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Antonia Wilson
Freelance writer and editor

Antonia Wilson is a freelance writer and editor. Previous roles have included travel reporter for the Guardian, and staff writer for Creative Review magazine, alongside writing for The Observer, National Geographic Traveller, Essentialist and Eco-Age, among others. She has also been a freelance editor for Vogue and Google, and works with a variety of global and emerging brands on sustainability messaging and other copywriting and editing projects — from Ugg and Ferragamo to Microsoft and Tate Galleries.