QUIZ: How much of a movie poster expert are you?

Fancy yourself as a bit of a film buff? Put your knowledge to the test by seeing if you can correctly identify these 12 movie posters from a sneak peek!

If you like films and art then you'll love this little challenge. Here, we've cropped out small parts from some well known movie posters and put them into this fun quiz. But how many of them can you correctly identify?

How did you get on?

  • 100% – Total film buff. You're amazing! Now go and tell all your friends.
  • 76-99% – Big screen brainiac. Excellent work!
  • 51-75% – Getting there. But we know you can do better - give it another go.
  • 26-50% – Not bad. But not great either. Have another try.
  • 0-25% – What happened? Your finger slipped on the mouse, right? Try again.

Words: Kerrie Hughes

Kerrie Hughes is content manager at Creative Bloq.

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