Can you name the designer?

How much do you really know about product design? Find out in our quiz!

Whether it's a distinctive logo design or an innovative piece of packaging design, each day we interact with products that have been designed specifically to improve and enhance our lives. But could you name any of the people behind your favourite designs? Here we've picked some iconic designs and designers and put them into this fun quiz to test your skills.

How did you get on?

  • 100% – Design genius. You certainly know your stuff.
  • 76-99% – Excellent work. You're a fountain of product design knowledge.
  • 51-75% – Getting there. But still room for improvement.
  • 26-50% – Not bad. But not great either. Give it another go.
  • 0-25% – Oh dear. Product design not your thing, no?


Kerrie Hughes is associate editor at Creative Bloq. Her employment at Future Publishing began in January 2010 as staff writer for 3D World magazine. Since then, she's written regularly for other publications, including ImagineFX and Computer Arts magazines.