Why the Game Boy's design is so iconic

image of the Game Boy from the '90s
(Image credit: Evan Amos)

I was 12 years old when I first laid my hands on a Game Boy. That grey chunky plastic shell, with its interchangeable game cartridges and tiny dot-matrix screen. Sure it was a bit clunky, and there was no backlight on the screen, but at that moment in time, 35 years ago, it marked the beginning of a revolution.

It brought video games from the living room TV and put them in the palm of our hands. Gaming had gone mainstream as a legitimate form of entertainment for all ages.

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Niklas Mortensen
Chief design officer, Designit

Niklas Mortensen is chief design officer at Designit. He’s passionate about end-to-end human centred experiences driven by design and technology.

He’s a designer by education, strategist by experience and a nerd at heart. For two decades Niklas has overseen a range of projects; consulting with businesses ranging from small start-ups to large brand owners. In recent years, he’s worked with clients such as the Nobel Peace Center, Telenor and DNB among others.