The best retro game consoles

The best retro game consoles; mini gaming consoles made by Sega, Atari and Blaze
(Image credit: Atari, Sega, Blaze Entertainment)

The best retro game consoles celebrate the design and form of classic games consoles and enable us to easily play iconic games in a way we remember. This can include remakes of old games and retro consoles as well as new games consoles designed to play old games and emulated games. Some of the best retro game consoles below come with pre-installed games and some enable you to download games or plug in cartridges.

In my list, I've include a mix of mini console replicas of the top games consoles of yesteryear as well as new consoles designed for retro gaming. For example, my top pick is the Evercade EXP that plays collections of classic games, new indie games in the retro style and makes use of modern display tech to deliver a wonderful handheld experience. The EXP, and its under-TV alt the VS, are both getting upgrades in July with the Evercade EXP-R and Evercade VS-R – and they'll cost less. (Head to Evercade for pre-order news.)

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My Arcade Atari Pocket Player ProRead more about the Atari Pocket Player Pro

My Arcade Atari Pocket Player Pro
This cheap and cheerful battery-operated retro handheld can't compete with the likes of Evercade, but it does have over 74 Atari games pre-installed and comes in a mix of designs - if you don't like Atari games there's a Mega Man, Pac-Man and Tetris version.
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UNICO generally makes full-scale arcade cabinets but it's also released this miniature crammed with SNK games - you can 45 pre-installed classic arcade hits, including games in the Metal Slug, King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown series. My pick here comes with two controllers and a TV connection lead.

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Nintendo Switch OLED
Nintendo Switch offers access to some classic NES, SNES, Game Boy and GameCube games as well as Sega Mega Drive games, but you need to subscribe to Nintendo Online for all of the. As well as this, Switch is home to some excellent remakes and remasters, such as Tomb Raider 1-3.
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PlayStation 5Read our PlayStation 5 review

PlayStation 5
Sony's new console now comes in the Slim model, but all PS5's have access to some great remasters and remakes, such as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and if you're a PS Plus subscriber you get free PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita and PS4 games monthly - the 32-bit PlayStation games are remastered for PS5.
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Xbox Series X/SRead our Xbox Series X review

Xbox Series X/S
While Xbox Series X and S consoles have access to many of the same remakes and remasters as PS5, for example Resident Evil 4, Microsoft's console is also backwards compatible with hundreds of Xbox 360 and many (original) Xbox games, as well as all Xbox One games.
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Atari THE400 MiniRead our Atari THE400 review

Atari THE400 Mini
This is a little known Atari home computer that has been replicated perfectly, comes with Atari games rarely emulated (if never) and features a modern version of the CX40 joystick that features rewind, saves and more.
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