Best upcoming game remakes and remasters

Best upcoming game remakes and remasters; Mario wields a large hammer
(Image credit: Nintendo)

The best upcoming game remakes and remasters can bring classic games back to life, and it feels like there’s something of a boom in these revamped retro games at the moment. Undoubtedly that’s partly driven by publishers hoping to cash in on the nostalgia of older players, serving up reheated content that has been a proven hit in the past for the best games consoles available now. 

There’s also a sense that video games uniquely benefit from remakes, as the medium’s technology moves at such a relentless pace that games released just a decade ago can now seem positively archaic to modern eyes. For example, we recently spoke with the team behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake about how Unreal Engine 5 is revamping this cult classic. There are also new NVIDIA AI tools designed to make remasters easier.

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Lewis Packwood
Video games journalist

Lewis Packwood has been writing about video games professionally since 2013, and his work has appeared in The Guardian, Retro Gamer, EDGE, Eurogamer, Wireframe, Rock Paper Shotgun, Kotaku, PC Gamer and Time Extension, among others. He is also the author of Curious Video Game Machines: A Compendium of Rare and Unusual Consoles, Computers and Coin-Ops (White Owl, 2023).