Why I'm loving the new GTA 6 logo

GTA VI logo
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

By now, you'll have no doubt witnessed the leak of the latest GTA 6 trailer, which spurred a passionate response from fans. It seems it was worth the wait, as the graphics, setting and plotline look suitably amazing (and extremely GTA). The leak has also blessed us with a new logo, and I have to admit, this may be my favourite from the franchise. 

Since the rumours began to leak about the latest instalment, plenty of concept artists have imaged what the new logo may look like. It's safe to say that the official design is the boldest edition yet – something that appears to be reflected in the chaotically brilliant trailer. (Take a look at our collection of the best gaming logos for more inspiring design). 

GTA Vice City vs GTA VI logo

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

It wouldn't be a GTA logo without the iconic font, and you'll be glad to know that the latest instalment has kept that trend alive. You can look at the new logo as a sort of love letter to Vice City's logo, taking the bright neon theme and dialling it up to one thousand. The result is a bold neon design with a gradient of yellows, pinks and purples that accommodates our return to Vice City – promising a level-up from our previous adventures. 

Subtle palm tree outlines in the logo draws on Vice City's Floridian-inspired roots. Throughout the trailer, the setting is gently (and not so gently) established through details such as an airboat, a Miami-eque cityscape, and of course a cameo from an alligator. 

It's been a while since GTA 5 was released (10 long years in fact), and the logo's modern updated feel is also reflected in the trailer, with a plague of influencers and social media accounts like 'PlanetLeonidaMan' (which begs the question, are we finally getting a 'Florida Man' sim?)

Overall, the logo and trailer seem to promise a new GTA game – that's brighter, bolder and even better than anything we've seen before. With sleek graphics, a fresh protagonist angle and the promise of plenty of chaos, I'm more than excited to get my hands on it – although it's going to be a long wait. See you in 2025.

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