The best video games of the 90s

The best video games of the 90s; three iconic game characters from the 90s
(Image credit: Getty Images / Capcom / Amazon / Nintendo)

Coming up with a list of the best video games of the 90s is quite the challenge. For me, the 90s was easily the most exciting decade in gaming. The industry was more mature and more mainstream, driven by business and the need to grow through technology but also design choices. 

I realise I haven’t painted the rosiest picture there, and I did miss the innovative, hobbyist era of the 80s, but it was an amazing decade to experience as a gamer. Every month I’d grab the latest video game magazines to read about the new titles that would push the hardware to the limits.

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Martyn Carroll

Martyn has been writing about video games since 1997, when as a film student he managed to sell an article about retro games to a movie magazine. And so began a hustle which turned into a career (of sorts) and he's since written about games for numerous magazines, books and websites. In 2004 he launched Retro Gamer magazine and he still contributes to the title, along with others in the Future stable. He's an authority on games where you start with three lives and press up to jump.