Project aims to improve the lives of freelance artists

New toolkit PACT aims to help freelance fantasy, sci-fi, and comic book illustrators negotiate a better living wage for themselves.

Are you finding the life of a freelance artist a struggle? If so, then you should know about PACT, Professional Artist - Client Toolkit, which aims to improve the standard of living for fantasy, sci-fi and comic book artists everywhere.

Professional artists Jim Pavelec, Todd Lockwood, Randy Gallegos, Mike Sass and Aaron Miller are the brains behind PACT, which, if it reaches its funding goal, will be a website for artists to rate their experiences with clients in a fair and anonymous venue.

"This won't be a guild or a union, or a place for bitching for the sake of it," Lockwood explains. As the funding site notes, it'll be 'a place where we can learn to be more professional, to promote an appreciation and more respectful attitude toward the work we do, and encourage companies to treat us in a more professional and economically viable way'.

A brilliant idea - but it requires more funding to become a reality. The deadline for donations is 17th July. Check out the PACT funding site for more information.

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