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You wouldn't expect this type of billboard from a DIY store

Billboard advertising campaigns for DIY products are typically not the prettiest in the world - often packed full of garish fonts, in-your-face unsightly colours and questionable graphic design. And that's certainly the case in Germany, where right now every DIY store is desperately battling it out with aggressive and blatant billboard designs.

DIY chain store OBI decided to do something different by placing their billboards not in the usual places but on people's homes themselves.

Their thinking was based on the question - 'Why promote things that make our homes more beautiful, with advertising that makes everything look uglier?' Instead, with the help of advertising agency Jung Von Matt/Elbe, they came up with something much more imaginative and attention-grabbing.

While the billboards are beautifully minimalist, it's the location that turns them into something truly special - and so the agency had to put a lot of work into finding the right ones. "The big challenge was the search for appropriate run-down houses," Jung Von Matt/Elbe's Max Pilwat explains. "We were looking for different houses, facades and individual weaknesses to show what can be achieved with a huge variety of OBI products. Each billboard had to be planned separately, as different materials were needed for the renovation process."

See more inspiring work on the Jung Von Matt/Elbe website.

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