5 top portfolio sites for digital artists

For hopeful 3D artists, portfolio sites provide an invaluable foot in the door to the industry. Whether you want to create 3D art for films or video games, there are a wealth of opportunities and contacts waiting for you on these platforms. Along with forums where you can see how professionals got where they are, plus competitions from big studios, portfolio sites are the perfect way to kickstart or progress your career. Here are 5 of the best.

01. Artstation

Artstation describes itself as the leading showcase for games and film artists

A leading showcase platform for games, film, media and entertainment – you’re sure to get noticed here.

02. CG Society

CG Society gives artists of every level a chance to promote their work

The go-to place for CG artists, CG Society has a brilliant portfolio service, offering users the ability to connect with other artists and promote their work.

03. ZBrush Central

ZBrush forums are a fantastic way to make connections

Join the ZBrush Central community today and start to interact with a world-wide network of like-minded artists.

04. Vimeo

Vimeo is a quality, ad-free way to share videos

It may not seem like an obvious choice, but Vimeo is a great way to get your artwork online and seen by thousands of creatives around the globe.

05. Behance

Behance covers a wide range of artistic fields

Easy to use and allows you to share your art, and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across the industry.

This article was originally published in 3D World magazine issue 208. Buy it here.