How to frame your own art

How to frame your own art image of framed art

Learning how to frame your own art could save you money as getting your art professionally framed can be expensive. Ready-made frames are a cheaper alternative, but they’re only suitable if your work is a standard size such as A4 or A3. If you want a cost-effective solution, with the flexibility to accommodate unique-sized art, then you can make your own frames. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

In this guide, Rodney Dive will explain how to frame your art at home, without using the expensive automated equipment you see in a professional workshop. With a little practice and an eye for detail, there’s no reason why your frames can’t be as good as the ones your local framing shop makes.

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Rodney Dive has been framing for over five years, first as a way to save money on framing his ever-growing collection of prints and art, developing the traditional techniques and methods with every new commission.