Transform your 2D characters and VFX into stunning animated videos

cartoon animator 4
(Image credit: Declan Walsh)

Cartoon Animator 4 is a 2D animation software that turns images into animated characters with intuitive animation tools and content libraries.

Cartoon Animator 4 is a fantastic way to take your 2D creations, from character animation to effects, to your video editing software to comp them easily with your background footage. Ever wanted to recreate Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Well, now you can. Cartoon Animator 4 has the tools to let you export your 2D projects with transparent backgrounds, so that you can easily take them into other applications, like Adobe After Effects or BlackMagic Resolve, without the need to do any time consuming or complicated keying. Simply export your animations and add them to your timeline, to join the thousands of others making comped video projects for TV and film.

Cartoon Animator 4: Part of your video editing pipeline

cartoon animator 4

Make Cartoon Animator part of your video editing pipeline (Image credit: Declan Walsh)

Cartoon Animator 4 brings a number of tools to your workflow that will increase your efficiency, by seamlessly fitting in, making it an easy and fast task to add beautiful composited animations to your work. For example, the 360 Head Creator delivers a practical way to create 3D characters from 2D art, with up to 360 degree of motion along with vivid expressions, adding amazingly realistic visual to live action footage. No matter what video editing software you use, you are sure to find that Cartoon Animator 4 will, with just a few clicks, allow you to export your projects, with transparent backgrounds (MOV) or image sequences (PNG), for comping with your live footage.

Not only does Carton Animator 4 support transparent backgrounds but can also export ‘fit to size’ output, further easing the comping process. Use the After Effects pipeline script to make this a breeze.Once you have your animated elements in your video editing you can continue to add lighting, shadows and more, with the tools you are already familiar with.

cartoon animator 4

 Combine Cartoon Animator with your familiar After Effects workflow (Image credit: Declan Walsh)

Cartoon Animator 4: You don’t need stock elements

Cartoon Animator has bone tools for easy rigging

Cartoon Animator has bone tools for easy rigging (Image credit: Declan Walsh)

Another opportunity offered by Cartoon Animator 4 is that you no longer need to rely on purchasing stock footage or elements from online marketplaces to complete your projects. With the ability to use the tools on offer you can create your own bespoke elements and animations, easily adding them to your footage for fantastic renders, fast and easily. Cartoon Animator works perfectly with PSD tools like Photoshop, Affinity Designer.  You can customise your own content easily, or go to Content Store to get started quickly. For example, the maker of this showcase video created some of handy VFX to touch up his animated video.

These custom made animation can be taken a step further by using some of the excellent animation tools on offer, including the bone editor (opens in new tab) that helps you lock things like hands and feet to the live footage for exceptional results.You can even combine motion library elements with yours for the creation of precisely animated characters that exactly match your needs, all with ease of use and speed.

To start animating with Cartoon Animator 4, download the free trial (opens in new tab) today and see for yourself.

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Rob Redman is the editor of 3D World and ImagineFX magazines and has a background in animation, visual effects, and photography. As a 3D artist he created the mothership in the Webby winning Plot Device and was animator on the follow-up; Order up. He has created training for Cinema 4D and Blackmagic Design Fusion artists. He's been a published product and food photographer since the age of 15. As well as being a multi-instrumentalist, Rob is also an avid beard grower.