What is cloud storage?

What is cloud storage ipad drawings
(Image credit: Photo by Marek Levák on Unsplash)

What is cloud storage? There aren’t many computing-related questions or terms that have dominated the past decade like “the cloud”. And it’s not just hype – cloud computing is hugely popular, and underpins virtually every big website and online service. One of the most prominent uses for cloud technology is the best cloud storage.

You may not be familiar with cloud storage, though, and it can be confusing if you start to delve into the details. That’s where we can help – in this article we'll explain what cloud storage is and show exactly how it can help you or your creative business.

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Mike Jennings

Mike is a freelance journalist who has been writing professionally about technology since 2007. His articles have appeared in Tech Radar, Wired, PC Advisor, IT Pro, Custom PC, The Inquirer, Stuff and many more. He specialises in reviewing computer systems and testing the latest computer accessories, and he has a thorough level of expertise in consumer electronics.