The Pixar AI pet poster trend is cuteness overload

Ai generated Pixar inspired pet posters
(Image credit: @borrisandfloss and @bobyandteddy_ via Insatgram)

Pixar animations are renowned for adorable character design, and now proud pet owners have found a way to take it to the next level with their own ultra-cute AI art. With the help of Bing Image Generator, users are creating their own Pixar-inspired posters, with their adorable animal friends in the starring role.

Taking to social media, enamoured owners have been sharing their AI creations on Instagram, and I have to admit some are surprisingly realistic. (If you want to get to grips with AI art, check out our picks for the best AI art generators).

Ai generated poster of Pixar inspired cat poster

(Image credit: Bing Image Creator )

The trend circulated after Instagram user that.dood.knox shared an AI-generated Pixar poster featuring their adorable goldendoodle pup. Followers were quick to share their excitement for the playful poster designs, with many asking for a tutorial on how to achieve the iconic wide-eyed Pixar design in their own AI pet posters. 

In response, that.dood.knox posted a brief video tutorial sharing the process. It's easy enough to try for yourself, all you need is a Microsoft account and a creative prompt to get you going. From there, the possibilities are endless and it's dangerously addictive – you can definitely lose a lot of time recreating your furry friend's likeness. 

The Bing Image Generator uses OpenAI's familiar DALL E-3 system to generate the posters, and the process is fairly quick and refined even with a brief prompt. Those who have a little more time for creative curation can make some pretty convincing posters, like Maven the cheese-obsessed toy poodle, or Gizmo and Hazel – a pair of adorable sausage dogs (featuring a cameo from a rogue sasquatch). 

Any excuse to mess around with an AI generator is right up my street, and if I can involve my cat it's even better – although I'm not sure he's suited to the Pixar aesthetic, he's maybe more A24. Personal qualms aside, this adorable AI trend is giving me cuteness overload, a nice change from the AI controversies we've been seeing in the news lately.

If you're after more viral AI trends, check out this AI app that encourages users to embrace fakery, or take a look at these AI optical illusions that are brilliantly mind-bending (and a little scary). 

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