AI app encourages you to fake your selfies

Ai generated portraits and the BeFake logo
(Image credit: BeFake)

It seems like only recently we were rejecting the filtered fakery of Instagram and embracing our natural unedited selves with the rise of apps like BeReal. Well, think again – photo-sharing app BeFake is waging war on candid content, encouraging users to spice up their life with the help of AI. 

Users of the new app receive a daily notification, telling them to take a snap and then let their imaginations run wild, using a prompt to concoct any AI-augmented selfie that their hearts desire. (AI doesn't have to be limited to silly selfies, this collection of the best AI productivity tools could help to save you from procrastination and keep you on track.)

In app view of BeFake ai generated images

(Image credit: BeFake/Lindsey Ellefson)

After the success of the photo-sharing app BeReal, which encourages users to take a daily unfiltered snap, BeFake instead centres around the ethos: “Why be real when it’s fun to BeFake?" The truth is that not every day is a fun-filled adventure, and there are only so many work selfies you can post before things get a little repetitive, so the new app encourages users to give their lives "an AI lift”.

The app alerts users once a day that "it's time to BeFake", encouraging them to embellish their snaps with whatever outlandish AI prompt they can dream up. It takes a while to generate, but suddenly a quiet Sunday on the sofa can become a day out on the moon. So long as you can think it up, there's no end to the ridiculousness, in fact, it seems it's highly encouraged. 

I couldn't resist trying out the app myself, but to really test its capabilities, I wanted to see how the AI would respond to a furry friend. Scooping up my fluffy volunteer I took a suitable snap and asked the AI to transform him into a "big cat in the rainforest".

Depending on the detail of your prompts, the AI seems to generate some very varied images. My first attempt produced a not-so-big tabby cat nestled amongst some foliage, while my second try was a little more on the wild side. For the best results, the AI seems to favour lots of detail, so be prepared to write up a good backstory before your next BeFake. 

Ai generated images of cats in a rainforest.

Some were a little more ferocious than others... (Image credit: BeFake)

While the app is still fairly new, I can definitely see the appeal of having a simple AI generator at your fingertips to play around with. The app is easy to use and has a fun premise that encourages a little moment of creativity in your day, and as the user base grows, it will be interesting to see how creative (and silly) people can get with their prompts. 

If you're interested in creating your own AI selfies, the app is available to download via the App Store and Google Play. This isn't the only app that's been using AI to boost creative flair. Check out this AI app that turns your photos into poetry at the click of a button. 

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