NASA just spotted the cutest optical illusion in space

An image of two galaxies that form an optical illusion of a penguin guarding an egg
(Image credit: NASA)

We've seen all manner of optical illusions over the years, from human-looking dogs to rotating horses. Just when it feels like we've seen them all, a stunning accidental illusion crops up in space, discovered by none other than NASA.

The space agency took to Instagram to share an image captured by the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes of a collection of galaxies known as Arp 142. It noted that two of the galaxies bear "an uncanny resemblance to a penguin guarding an egg" (see our pick of the best optical illusions for more mind benders).

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Joe Foley

Joe is a regular freelance journalist and editor at Creative Bloq. He writes news, features and buying guides and keeps track of the best equipment and software for creatives, from video editing programs to monitors and accessories. A veteran news writer and photographer, he now works as a project manager at the London and Buenos Aires-based design, production and branding agency Hermana Creatives. There he manages a team of designers, photographers and video editors who specialise in producing visual content and design assets for the hospitality sector. He also dances Argentine tango.